10 best Christmas gifts for hockey players

It can be a challenge finding great gifts for hockey players. Once you’ve got the basic kit – team colours, socks, astros, stick, bag – there’s not a lot else you can add to that as a present.

I have a couple of hockey-mad family members so while trawling the internet looking for gifts ideas I thought I’d pull together what I’ve found into a hockey-lover’s gift guide.

No 1. Pink Osaka hockey socks

I love Osaka products and top of my own wish list (hint hint) are these fab pink hockey socks. They are available at hockey-cricket.com for £11.99 and I’ve literally just ordered some for my 13-year-old daughter’s Xmas stocking (shhh!).

osaka hockey socks

No 2: A hockey-themed t-shirt

What a great way to show you love hockey during those annoying times when you’re not actually playing hockey. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of naff slogan t-shirts on the market. I l like this one from SuperCool T-shirts on Etsy. Indeed, it was my frustration at the terrible choice of t-shirts that led to me opening my own Etsy hockey gift shop. You can see my designs on the Shop tab or by visiting my Pure Hockey shop on Etsy.

hockey t shirt

No: 3 Arm-warmers

However cold it is, you always overheat when you play hockey – unless you’re in defence and the ball is hardly coming into your 25 or vice versa! Mostly, though you soon warm up when you’re playing hockey and then it’s impossible to take your skins off in the middle of a match. I swear by these arm warmers. They keep you warm against cold winds, but your body doesn’t overheat. Cyclists wear them all the time and I think they’re great for hockey too. These are £21.99 from Barrington Sports.

arm warmers

No 4: Hockey-stick pen

Love these pens as a stocking filler. Great for using at school or work – so you can think about hockey while you’re doing the boring stuff in the classroom. What’s not to like? £3.99 from Morrant

hockey pen

No 5: Shin Liners

Every hockey player hates sweaty, stinky shin pads. It’s hard to understand how you can sweat so much out of your calves to be honest! Avoid the smell-problem with shin liners – a stocking filler that will please most players. £8.99 from Morrant.

shin tk

6: Hockey mug

There’s lots of terrible mugs on the market, but this one is pretty good. £6.95 from Sporting Gifts.


I also like this one from UK Mug Shop, £7.95


7. Hockey bracelet

The crossed-sticks isn’t easy to make into jewellery. It often looks terrible. But I quite like these bracelets. Relatively speaking, they are quite tasteful. £12 each from Turf and Whistle’s Etsy shop.

bracelet 2bracelet

8. Hockey bag

Quite like this and it can be personalised too. By the way – it’s Hollis 195 if you ate thinking of buying me one of these! £27.85 from Downwildflowerroad on Etsy.


9.Hockey-themed flip-flops

These are a bit different. Flip-flops with a hockey print. I like them! £23.45 from Zazzle.

flip flops

10. Hockey planner stickers

Stick one of these in your diary to remind it’s training night or match day. £3.09 from Tallulahgracecrafts on Etsy. That player on the Practice days stickers should probably bend her knees and look up a little more though!


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