2 Concerns For The 49ers Heading Into The Playoffs

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    The San Francisco 49ers are hot, as they’re the owners of an eight-game winning streak, an 11-4 record and the NFC West title.

    More and more people feel they have a real, if not a great chance of winning the Super Bowl, and when one looks at their defense, which is the best in the NFL, and their much-improved offense, it’s no wonder why.

    But the 49ers aren’t without their concerns, as every team has at least one, and these two things could prevent them from winning their sixth world championship.


    Getting And Staying Healthy

    For the third straight season, the injury bug has hit San Francisco hard, and although they have kept winning, the playoffs are a different beast.

    Deebo Samuel, their talented and versatile wide receiver, is currently sidelined with an ankle injury, while Elijah Mitchell, their second main running back, is out with a sprained MCL, the second such injury he has had this season.

    With the injury bug, one has to wonder how much longer it will continue and if it may get worse.

    The 49ers are such a physical team, especially on defense, that injuries will happen, but they have to be lucky enough to avoid significant injuries the rest of the way.


    Is Brock Purdy Truly A Franchise Quarterback?

    Purdy has looked very good since taking over for the injured Jimmy Garoppolo in Week 13 versus the Miami Dolphins, and in some ways, he may be more skilled than Garoppolo, especially when it comes to connecting on long passes.

    This is for the “Brock Purdy doesn’t have a strong arm” crowd…

    He couldn’t have fit this into a tighter window from 20 yards away.#49ers pic.twitter.com/rJ4DxVAcq5

    — Coach Yac (@Coach_Yac) December 27, 2022

    Brock Purdy George Kittle! Sheesh pic.twitter.com/gsyoxyujyP

    — Coach Yac (@Coach_Yac) December 24, 2022

    But he is still somewhat unproven, especially in high-pressure situations and when his team is trailing in the second half, especially in the fourth quarter.

    To be a championship QB in the NFL, one has to come through in such situations, and the good thing is that Purdy has so far shown the type of poise that is rare in a rookie, especially one who was the last player chosen in the draft.

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