November 23-24, 2019
Paulson Softball Complex – Savannah, GA
Minnick Complex – Savannah, GA

Schedule & Scores

Skills Testing

Teams have the option to participate in a series of skills tests:

  • Home to 1B run time
  • Overhand (arm) velocity
  • Exit (bat) velocity

Testing Leaders

Rosters and Scouting Reports

* PLEASE NOTE: Players written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) and/or skill(s). While WE DO NOT KEEP STATS, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. However, a performance WITHOUT the presence of requisite tool(s) and/or skill(s) IS NOT considered standout — we are looking for players with the tool(s) and/or skill(s) to play beyond the high school level.

Teams are organized alphabetically within each age division. To view associated
content, either click on a team name or scroll down.

14U Participating Teams

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Angels – Daniel

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2 – Rylee Mills – 2023 RHP/1B – Good command and great in game adjustments on the mound. Fields her position well. Extends through release and has fluid motion. Quick feet. Very coachable player. FB: 54-56

15 – Stephanie Perry – 2024 3B/OF – Excellent hands and drives ball to gaps. Has plus bat speed. Squares the ball up with strong, athletic stance. Quick and active feet in the field.

33 – McKenzie Ergle – 2025 OF/2B – Has good hands through ball. Knows what pitch she is looking for in the box and sits on them. Great presence in the box.

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Atlanta Premier Joiner 05

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9 – Emily Chandler – 2023 RHP/2B – Athletic, smooth hands. Aggressive hitter.

11 – Samantha Whitehall – 2024 C/OF – Vocal leader on defense. Solid and accurate arm on throw down. Consistent contact at the plate.

13 – Zoe Molina – 2023 C/3B – Keeps team up on defense. Has positive attitude. As a hitter, she attacks the ball and makes solid contact. Has great extension and follow through.

17 – Kaylee Kent – 2024 CF/OF – Reads and tracks the ball well off bat. Decent arm. Vocal. Quick player who laid a sneak bunt down. Great hands and placement. Good baserunner.

23 – Summer McCranie – 2023 RHP/RF – Moves to back up throw at first.

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Firecrackers 06 – Neleman

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Firecrackers NTX – Christy

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33 – Leanna Guerra – 2024 C/3B – Commands the defense as a catcher. Vocal leader. Low set up and has firm glove receiving. Accurate arm. Quick, athletic and smooth. Placed bunt perfectly.

55 – Sarah Hudgins – 2023 OF/2B – Quick speed.

99 – Alyssa Cloessner – 2023 RHP/1B – Solid hitter who drives ball to gaps. Has quick hands. Good presence and good fielding position. Stud player. Coachable.

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Ga Batbusters 2024

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14 – Jillian Gassman – SS/CF – Heads up play on bunt. Great coverage. Quick to ball and hustles.

18 – Breck Piedra – 2024 2B/SS – Vocal and loud on defense. Keeps team up (positive). Quick on bases and has decent arm. Offensively, she has great focus on deck and communication with teammates about pitches. Great eye that leads to quality at bats. Athletic approach and keeps hands inside.

32 – Jayln Moran – 2024 C/3B – On defense she moves to the ball and is smooth. Strong accurate throws and follows through. Has good hustle in and out of the dugout. Great vocal leader. In the box, has strong athletic stance. Stays through the zone and drives the ball.

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GA Classics – Dalton 06

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5 – Halle Shirley – 2024 OF/2B – Hustles all around the field. Shows great leadership. Quick, fast feet. Vocal.

14 – Marley Grounds – 2024 SS/RHP – Good hands in the box. Drives the ball oppo gap and has speed. Decent arm, and is quick at SS.

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GA Classics 05 – Webb

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16 – Lorin Pursley – 2023 1B – Very vocal on defense. Uses height to her advantage for range in the field. Athletic and smooth. Plays heads up with runners on base. Quick, solid throws. Has positive attitude. In the box, she is athletic approach and is aggressive. Solid hands. Quick and long through zone.

7 – Ashley Callahan – 2023 C/1B – Vocal in the field. Calls pitches and has an accurate throw down. She has a controlled load, soft stride, and athletic stance.

13 – Morgan Bond – Has nice spin and commands the zone.

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Gametime 2024 Premier

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12 – Shelby Rusche – 2024 2B/OF – Good approach at the plate. Gets her pitch and drives the gaps.Keeps bat in the zone for a long time. Has nice range and low, athletic fielding position.

13 – Talise Parnell – 2025 RHP/1B – Plus power to the pull side. Does not get cheated at the plate. Explosive bat speed and has quick hands. In the field, she has a good pre-pitch. Agile and vocal. Coachable player.

77 – Ariana Torres – 2024 C/OF – Not afraid to block anything behind the plate. Works for her pitchers and helps get calls behind the plate.

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Georgia Outlaws 2024

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29 – Kaylee Tullis – 2025 OF/2B – Quality reads and angles on balls in the outfield. Hustles and plays hard. Confident presence. Quick release and transfer.

99 – Kaylynn Scaffe – 2024 RHP/IF – In the circle, has calm presence under pressure. Good resistance on landing. Stay very balanced on all pitches and can field her position well. FB: 51–54

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16U Participating Teams

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Atlanta Premier – Thomas

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1 – Lauren English – 2021 RHP/3B – Makes hard contact at the plate. In the circle, she mixes speed well with her changeup.

11 – Kilee Thomas – 2021 3B/RHP – Uses her off speed pitch well and has effective spin. Good drop ball and goes inside on hitters well. Gets a lot of pop-ups as a pitcher.

13 – Isabella henson – 2021 OF/1B – Good hustle in the outfield.

19 – Lauren Cothern – 2022 2B/OF – Power hitter who makes hard contact. Good hands through the zone. Has accurate throws that are on target.

21 – Preslee Hix – 2021 OF/1B – Power lefty who is quick on bases.

35 – Alexis Jones – 2021 OF/LHP – Good footwork in CF. Turns hips well and has speed.

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Batbusters – Prairie

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6 – Taylor Wells – 2022 OF – Athletic stance in the box. Has good bat speed.

14 – Mackenzie Mobley – 2023 OF/RHP – At shortstop she has a good, strong arm with accurate throws. Good control of footwork. Very athletic player. Good pre-pitch and stays low through the ball.

24 – Savanah Clack – 2023 C/OF – Good frame work behind the plate. Moves well and is quick on the bases while being smart.

9 – Dani Beckham – 2022 RHP – In the circle, throws 60 consistently and confidently. Fluid and tight arm motion. Very athletic player who fields her position well.

55 – Kristi Peters – 2022 RHP/OF – Offensively, has fast bat speed, great extension, and very strong. On defense, she has a calm presence and always in the game.

88 – Morgan Reynolds – 2B/OF – Fluid hands on defense and is smooth. Has good range with quick step working laterally. In he box, she has athletic, short swing. Can run the bases well with speed and is smart.

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Cape Fear Storm – Smith

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1 – Madelyn Staples – 2023 RHP/SS –Pitcher has great form. Gets open and drives through pitch. Calm and in control on the mound. Very good change up thats accurate and consistent. Good speed on the bases.

2 – Jessie Dillon – 2021C/3B – Behind the plate, has good, quick snap throw. Strong arm. In the box, has good form with good bat speed. Nice and level swinging plane. Hits good pitches hard.

33 – Lexie Lama – 2021 1B/OF – Very athletic at 1B. Sets up and moves according to pitch. Crashes well on bunts. Vocal with great attitude. Hustles on and off the field.

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Clearwater Lady Bombers – Boldiga

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2 – Haley Bradshaw – 2022 RHP/IF – Good fastball to change-up difference. Uses change-up nicely in sequence. FB: 54 CH:43

9 – Makenzie Connolly – 2023 RHP/1B – Has some pop off the bat. In circle, has good change-up.

20 – Brianna Duggins – 2021 SS/3B – Has range in the infield. Good, athletic size. Quick transfer and strong/accurate arm. Great play with drop step down 3rd base line. Makes solid contact at the plate.

27 – Kyra Brenneman – 2022 C/OF – Slapper who is smooth at the plate. Quick on base path with good instincts. Heads up player and gives good effort behind the plate. Has good arm strength. Vocal.

44 – Morgan Mason – 2024 SS/2B – Strong base in the box. Quick hands through contact. Works hands inside the pitch well. Has good range at second base.

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Firecrackers FL – Wetherington

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12 – Tamia Young – 2023 CF/C – Very controlled footwork as a slapper. Reads the defense and places the ball well. Smart and fast baserunner. Has a very dominating presence in the OF.

13 – Hailey Barfoot – 2022 RHP/2B – Very confident pitching and strong wrist (tight spin). Solid hard hit, great finish through ball. Barrel control with quick hands.

23 – Brianna Jordan – 2023 OF/3B – Athletic stance and had solid hit. Kept hands inside and went with pitch.

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Firecrackers GA 04 – Price

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6 – Ellery Campbell – 2023 SS/2B – Very good setup at the plate with controlled swing. Consistent, hard contact. Does not chase bad pitches. Has great range at SS with a good strong arm thats accurate. Great hustle.

10 – Ansley Cook – 2022 OF/2B – Very good all around player. At 2B, sets up very well with athletic pre-pitch. Good arm with quick release. Power slapper who handles the bat very well. Great feet and very good eye.

11 – Isabel Harrison – 2022 OF/RHP – Great mound presence. Calm and in control. Has great command of her pitches. 57 to 45 speed change. Good baserunning instincts.

22 – Emma Anzaldi – 2022 C/IF – Good catcher who receives the ball well. Good, strong arm. Has good speed on the bases with great instincts. Good eye at the plate with level swing.

33 – Olivia Haag –RHP/OF – Great swing thats level. Consistently hits the ball hard. On the mound, she controls her pitches. At 1B, picks the ball well on low throws.

99 – Kaylee Taylor – 2022 C/IF –Good range at SS especially glove side. Quick release with strong accurate arm. Behind the plate, she sets up well and gives a good target. Frames and blocks the ball well. A good, heads up player.

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Georgia Classics 2022

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2 – Gracie Maddox – 2023 C/3B – Power at the plate. Hit HR.

20 – Riley Wilson – 2023 2B/3B – Line drive hitter with good pop off the bat. Works from a strong base in the box.

21 – Audrey Fry – 2023 2B/OF – Solid strong base and has pop at contact. Had a hard line drive to right field.

24 – Viktoria Ramdhanie – 2022 OF/2B – Has good at bats. Goes deep in counts.

35 – Cheyenne Anderson – 2023 C/IF – Behind the plate, she has good blocking skills, good effort and does a good job of keeping the ball in front. Has a good pop time as well.

99 – Shelby Coffey – 2022 RHP/2B – Power hitter with strong base. Gets inside of the ball well. On the mound, she has good rise movement and changes speeds well. 44-52

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Jacksonville Storm – Harris

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2 – Zoryana Hughes – 2023 2B/RHP – Screw ball movement has jump.

4 – Emma Rogel – 2022 C/LF – Moves well and has good coverage on bunts. Firm framing behind the plate. Vocal leader.

11 – Erin Hutchens – 2022 RF/2B – Quick and smart on the bases. Always looking to get the extra base. Athletic and quick – Has range in the OF. Does a good job going back on the ball.

19 – Jade Petersen – 2022 RHP/1B – Good drop ball spin. Can hit different locations. Uses her curveball well in sequence.

25 – Morgan Radzelovage – 2022 CF/LF – Very athletic with strong build. Makes hard contact at the plate. Hits backside of the ball well. In the field she has a quick transfer. Good range in the OF. Diving double play at 1st.

50 – Shurell Jefferson – 2021 SS/CF – Fast bat speed with explosive lower half. Quick on bases. Gets good leads and back quick. At third, she has good range. Quick on her feet with a solid strong arm. Vocal.

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Lady Sharks

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0 – Sarah Shearouse – 2023 3B/RHP – Very solid hitter. Has great timing and makes hard contact. Great presence, hustles all the time. Aggressive baserunner. At 3B, has a very strong arm, commanding presence, and clean/quick transfer.

3 – Kyle Hale – 2022 2B/C – Very patient hitter with great timing. Defensively she knows how to shift in field according to pitch. Athletic setup and moves quick while being smooth. Accurate arm.

12 – Mattie Turner – 2022 C/IF – Confident presence with powerful swing. Makes solid contact. Smooth swing through the zone. On the field, she is very vocal and always thinking ahead. Smooth glove work.

19 – Madison Cook – 2021 1B/3B – Strong base/stance in the box. Patient hitter with explosive swing. Has quick hands to the ball. Very coachable. Great instincts in the field. Receives the ball cleanly.

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Premier Fastpitch Reed

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5 – Ashley Chu – 2022 OF/2B – Has speed on the bases and good instincts.

7 – Kelly Green – 2022 C/3B – Opposite field hitter with good pop. Moves quick behind the plate and has a good arm.

10 – Sofia Jimenez – 2021 SS/2B – Good range and mobility

11 – Madilyn Cochran – 2021 OF/1B – Has quick hands.

31 – Macy Brown – 2022 OF/2B – Has pop at contact.

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SC Riptide

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6 – Brooke Wallace – 2022 OF – Reads the ball off the bat. Good angles and feet are very quick and active. Vocal leader who is positive.

20 – Natalie Spiva – 2022 SS/2B – Leader on the field. Great work ethic. Has active feet and fielding position is low and athletic.

27 – Anna Amell – 2022 1B/3B – Strong presence in the box. Squares the ball up. Has fast bat speed and makes solid contact. Confident player at third base.

31 – Jojo Lonyo – 2021 OF – Solid, strong arm. Consistent on her throws. Reads ball with good feet movement. Vocal in the field and hustles to the ball. Has power from left side. Heads up baserunning.

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Softball Factory – 16u

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1 –Laney Shivers – 2024 C/1B – Very good speed on the bags. Good control on swing. Makes hard contact.

2 – Adeline Kat Laxson – 2022 RHP/3B – Good range at 2B. Quick feet and sets up well every pitch. Soft hands when fielding.

3 – Brianna Ford – 2022 OF – Moves on every pitch. Backs up every play with good speed in the outfield. Strong, accurate arm.

7 – Ellie Hseih – 2022 3B –  Good range at 2nd. Very quick release and accurate arm. Sets up well at the plate and has a smooth swing. Very good hand-eye.

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18U Participating Teams

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All Sports Fusion

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3 – Aubrey Stockton – 2020 OF/2B – Slapper with decent speed. Reads the defense well and places it accurately. Has good pre-pitch movement.

12 – Jaycie Hand – 2022 LHP/1B – Has good movement and a nice drop ball. FB: 54 D: 51

14 – Avery Lankford – 2020 RHP/SS – Has good change up speeds on the mound. Change and drop balls sits low 50s. Slapper with good pop. Hits the ball solid and has decent speed. FB: 58

21 – Avery Infalt – 2020 3B/1B – Good base hit up the middle. Explosive lower half. Good extension to the inside of the ball.

31 – Lindsey Green – 2020 C/OF – Has good pop at the plate. Battles and goes deep in counts. Aggressive baserunner.

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Angels 02 – Reynolds

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4 – Francie Gaskin – 2020 2B/RHP – Moves through the ball well. Has a strong arm.

7 – Addie Reynolds – 2021 C/1B – Frames well. Has a strong bat and is disciplined at the plate. Makes solid contact, has good size and hits with power.

54 – Julia Carter – 2021 RHP/1B – Commands the zone and works corners well. Tight spin on pitches. FB: 60-58 CH: 38

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Angels Gold – Holton

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3 – Hope Hobbs – 2021 C/1B – Frames up the ball very well. Pop times – 1.8-2.0

7 – Elizabeth Branch – 2021 OF – Aggressive on the base paths and has good speed.

13 – Emily Elisis – 2022 C/1B – Solid swing with power potential. Good acceleration around the bases. Pop times – 1.96-2.0

15 – Kamari Strozier – 2021 3B/SS – Strong arm and good range at SS. Threw out left handed batter from a ball hit in the 5/6 hole. Athletic player. Covers the bunt well. She is small but a spark plug and nothing gets by her. Quick and smart on bases. Heads up and always looking for the extra base.

16 – Reagan Thomas – 2021 RHP – Very good spin on her pitches. Uses her change-up in all counts with good control. She fools batters with change. Works ahead in all counts. CH: 39 CV:52 R: 54

25 – Bryce Peacock – 2020 RHP/2B  – Aggressive on bases with speed. Flip CH: 47/49 CV: 58/59 D: 55/57

33 – Aniston Johnson – 2020 SS – Very smooth feet at SS and moves through the ball well. HR type of power at the plate.

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Cen Penn Lady Renegades

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4 – Ellie Widerman – 2022 C/3B – Has good pop at the plate. Displays love for the game and great attitude.

9 – Kyndall Hopkins – 2021 RHP/SS – Athletic presence and vocal every pitch. Leadership qualities. Good pre-pitch and hustles.

20 – Lainie Shoop – 2021 RHP/OF – Good curveball and movement on all pitches. Sits mid 50s as a pitcher. Runs well on bases and has good, aggressive leads.

44 – Emily Madzelan – 2020 SS/1B – Solid swing with good pop off the bat.

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Forged Academy Redgoats

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3 – Bailey Smith – 2023 C/3B – Good bat speed and can hit the outside pitch well. Good speed on the bases. Range in the outfield and is a vocal player.

7 – Vanessa Knox – 2020 RHP/2B – Quick on the bases. Places bunts down well with understanding of game. Accurate throws and quick first step to the ball. Vocal player with good energy.

9 – Paige McClinton – 2022 C/2B  – Quick pop behind the plate with accuracy.

14 – Kalena Adian – 2022 RHP/3B – Has good angles at 3B. Vocal on the field and has understanding of the game. Quick footwork and accurate throws. Shows good leadership.

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GA Classics – Crane

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5 – Chesnee Brown – 2022 3B – Good pop off the bat. Does a great job sitting on the change and driving it to right side of the field.

8 – Destiny Sexton – 2021 3B – Good pop off the bat at contact.

13 – Kennedy Dixon – 2020 1B/3B – Ton of pop through contact and has quick hands. Had a 2 run HR. She has an explosive, smooth swing.

28 – Gabbie Deaton – 2021 SS/OF – Good range at SS. Has a good backhand and nice arm. Sees the ball well at the plate. Quick and reads the balls well allowing her to be aggressive on the base paths.

36 – Rylee Ernst – 2022 2B/OF – Had a great backhand play. She stays low and has good mobility. In the box, as a slapper she has good footwork. Reads the defense well and is speedy on the bases.

37 – Allie Jones – 2021 IF – Good power with quick hands. Strong base on setup and knows how to battle at the plate.

76 – Amanda Leblanc – 2021 LHP – Goes with the pitch well. drives through the ball hard. In the field she has a good arm.

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GA Ignite – Fowler

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2 – Ashlyn Holbert – 2021 2B/OF – Good speed on the bases. Plays hard and hustles a lot!

7 – Brooke Fleming – 2021 C/SS – Swings the bat well. Stays inside the ball with power. Good contact and extension. Had HR to CF.

18 – Emmaleigh Bond – 2021 RHP/1B – Powerful swing. FB: 51-52

21 – Emma Garrison – 2022 C/3B – Looks good behind the plate. Shows knowledge of game and the position. Sets up and frames well.

22 – Heather Thomas – 2021 1B/OF – Good swing. Hands move well through the zone.

24 – Brianna Stpierre  – 2021 2B/SS – Had a quality at bat battling off 8 pitches. Quick hands. Pop time – 2.3

42 – Za’Mya Sims – 2022 CF/SS – Great angles and drop step. Knows what base to throw into; good softball IQ.

50 – Gracie Jones – 3B/1B – Hits with power and has good hands. Accurate and strong  throws from third.

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Hitters Count Select

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1 – Charlotte Donovan – 2023 RHP/SS – Sits in high 50s with movement. Power pitcher. Leader on the field. Took away 2 basehits with great plays up the middle. Athletic, heads up player.

2 – Jenna Lavallee – 2022 C/CF – Covers great ground in the OF. Quick behind the plate with good footwork.

16 – Reid Johnson – 2021 2B/OF – Left handed hitter with average speed. FB: 47 CH: 35

28 – Hannah Gosselin – 2022 2B/OF – Aggressive on the bases

39 – Chantelle Bouchard – 2022 C/OF – Smart fielder who understands the game. Very selective at the plate and knows the zone. Plays with passion. Pop time – 1.85-2.2

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Lake County Tigers Navy-Scott

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1 – Cassidy Ross – RHP – Good pop at the plate and has good speed on the bases. Strong arm behind the plate. Framing looks good.

7 – Dyami McKinley – SS – Great footwork and speedster. Aggressive baserunner. Very athletic. Good arm.

8 – Aubrey Ruby – 1B – Strong kid with power. Good arm. Leader on the field.

10 – Tiara Chavis – RF/LHP – Good movement and great composure on the mound. Nice curve. FB: 57 CH: 36

16 – Rivera – C – Good arm and good pop off the bat

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Milford Impact

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1 – Nevaeh Walker – 3B/OF – Good bat speed and power at the plate. Communication while on bases. Good range in the OF.

13 – Alexis Hollis – 2021 1B – Power hitter.

23 – DE’Shuanuay Twymon – 2020 CF – Good arm and communication. Hustles and seems to be very coachable. Aggressive on the base paths.

27 – Rasheedah Hasan – 2020 SS/2B – Good knowledge of the game. Communicates well on and off the field. Quick range and good coverage at SS. Passionate player. Accurate throws. Can hit well and has good, strong swing through the zone. Agile on the bases.

33 – Treasure Smith – 2020 1B – Power hitter. Makes solid contact and hits the ball hard.

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Nitro Fastpitch – McCoy

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4 – McKenna Stroud – 2020 2B/SS – Good, athletic presence. Leader on the field. Shows determination and is not afraid of laying out.

7 – Mary Bruce – 2020 2B/C – Vocal on the field and has good hustle. Leader on the field.

11 – Hannah Ferrante – 2021 C/SS – Power hitter with good hands. Leadership on the field and takes control. Hustles well and good baserunning instincts.

23 – Eden Fleming – 2021 OF/SS – Quick runner. Backs up in the OF well. Hustles on and off the field.

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Panhandle Heat Gold

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0 – Kerstand McCook – 2022 C/RF – RBI – Good contact to left-center.

2 – Tytiana Mathis – 2022 CF/OF – Quick, aggressive baserunner. Smooth at the plate. Swings hard at the plate and battles.  Vocal on defense and covers a lot of ground.

11 – Taylor Lanphere – 2021 C/IF – Battles at the plate. Has a smooth swing and shows ability to be clutch with hard hits with runners on base.

24 – Shelby Copas – 2021 3B/C – Good pop off the bat and is aggressive. Doesn’t swing at balls as she is very disciplined at the plate. Smart, heads  up baselining.

26 – Peyton Bozeman – 2022 CF/OF – Tracked the ball well in left field. Covered ground well.

28 – Hannah Stephens – 2020 OF/RHP – Disciplined hitter with a good eye. Quick out of the box. Aggressive on the bases. Good attitude and hustle.

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Softball Factory – 18u

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19 – Presley Walker – 2021 SS – Lefty slapper that went down in count early 0-2 then battled off many pitches (5). Had a  quality at bat.

21 – Karina Gregory – 2020 C/3B – Good swing mechanics (flew out deep to CF then one hopped the CF fence). Strong kid. Blocks well and has a good presence on the field. Vocal. Pop time – 1.9

29 – Madison Cobbs – 2021 RHP – Uses her pitches well to work the count and get outs. Shows good confidence on the mound and fields her position well. Solid swing and has power to all parts of the field. FO8 (deep). Had a quality at bat and saw 12 pitches.

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TNT Florida – Rick

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2 – Peyton Post – Good fast to change ratio on the mound. Good curve and drop spin. FB: 53 CH: 35

3 – Bianca Magobet – Stayed vocal throughout the game.

7 – Kiara Meikle – Quick hands through contact. Power to contact. Speed on bases with a good first step.

12 – Bree Hockett – Good bat – Hits with power.

18 – Lauren Fortunato – Vocal behind the plate. Takes control. Fields smoothly and works through the ball.

24 – Dejah Mendez – Gets behind the balls well in OF and has plus range.

27 – Madison Manning – Good footwork behind the plate. Good frame work. Athletic.

31 – Ayana B – Very vocal. Great leadership and hustle.

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Wagner’s 3N2-Haynes

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1 – Amy Kennedy – 2020 RHP/OF – Shows great composure on the mound. Competitor in the circle. Throws low to mid 50s and change-up around 39/43 which freezes the batters.

2 – Lailah Eary – 2020 2B/1B – Quick and smart on the bases. Athletic batting stance. She has quick hands with good bat speed.

4 – Kylah Gardner – 2021 3B/OF – Sees the ball well. Has good power and explosive at contact.

7 – A’Shanti Watkins – 2020 3B/OF – Squares the ball up and has good pop off the bat.

15 – Emily Barras – 2020 SS/3B – Smooth at SS. Quick and fluid with a good pre-pitch. Pretty good arm. Controlled at bats and is patient.

24 – Jaela Haynes – 2021 CF – Quick hands, short and direct on plane to the ball. Has some pop. Defensively, gets behind everything and is quick. Good range. Very athletic and does good when going back to get the ball.

44 – Sarah Thinger – 2020 SS/2B – Great speed on bases. Smart at bats with good eye. Strong and has power (oppo HR). On defense, she moves to the ball really well. Athletic and speedy. Communicates and great coverage on field.

47 – Cameron Darnell – 2021 1B/OF – She’s explosive and pop. Hit a HR to left-center field. Strong as an ox at the plate. Good bat speed through the zone. In the field, she has a strong arm and is a vocal leader, really taking control of the field.

55 – Alexis Berry – 2021 C/3B – Squares the ball up nicely and swings with good power. Pop time – 1.93-2.04

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Testing Leaders

Top Home to 1B Times | Top Overhand Velos | Top Exit Velos

Top Home to 1B Times

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sec Name Team
2.54 Eden Fleming Nitro – McCoy                          2.54 Kendall Smith Cape Fear Storm
2.57 Sarah Hilliard Nitro – McCoy
2.57 Tatiana Mathis Panhandle Heat Gold
2.58 Alexis Jones Atlanta Premier – Thomas

Top Overhand (Arm) Velocities

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mph Name Team
65 Kelsey Lowe Lady Sharks
64 Anna Green Panhandle Heat Gold
63 Taylor Lanphere Panhandle Heat Gold
63 Jaryn Gibson Atlanta Premier – Thomas
63 Riley Wilson Georgia Classics 2022

Top Exit (Bat) Velocities

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mph Name Team
77 Lauren Cothern Atlanta Premier – Thomas
76 Anna Amell SC RIptide
75 Kristi Peters Batbusters – Prairie

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