2022 Trivia: The Roar’s jam-packed Christmas Day sports quiz!

    As Christmassy as snow and brussels sprouts….oh wait……. I forgot you guys do Christmas slightly differently than us in the Northern Hemisphere!

    Anyway, quizzes are an integral part of the celebrations. So I thought I would go month by month, quizzing you guys on what’s happened in the sporting world in 2022. There are three easy, three medium, and three hard questions per month, with answers at the bottom. There’ll be a mixture of multiple-choice, and straightforward questions.




    1. Which Aussie batter scored a century against England in the fourth Ashes test?

    a) Marnus Labuschagne
    b) David Warner
    c) Usman Khawaja

    2. Who won the Australian Open men’s singles?

    3. Which continent had its football tournament in January, delayed from 2021?

    a) Africa
    b) Asia
    c) North America


    4. The futsal Euros were held in January, how many players are in a futsal team?

    5. The biathlon European championships happened in January, what two sports does biathlon involve?

    a) Downhill skiing and shooting
    b) Cross-country skiing and shooting
    c) Cross-country and downhill skiing

    6. Who won the women’s Asia football cup?

    a) India
    b) China
    c) Qatar


    7. Which of these countries DID compete at the ice-climbing World Championships?

    a) Sweden
    b) USA
    c) Iran

    8. Who won the Futsal euros?

    a) Portugal
    b) Spain
    c) France

    9. How many players scored zero in the fifth test of the Ashes (both teams, both innings)?

    ‘The Ice Climbing World Championships 2022 in Saas-Fee are officaly opened!’#iceclimbing #UIAA #saasfee #switzerland

    ???? iceclimbingworldcupsaasfee/Instagram pic.twitter.com/rDPqEFC0d8

    — Saastal Magnifique Saas-Fee (@SaastalFotos) January 27, 2022



    10. Who won the 2022 Six Nations?

    11. From which continent was the winner of the football Club World Cup?

    12. Where were the Winter Olympics held?


    13. How old was Russian ice skater Kamila Vaileva when she was investigated for drug use at the Winter Olympics?

    14. Who won Super Bowl LVI?

    a) Los Angeles Rams
    b) Cincinnati Bengals
    c) New York Patriots

    15. Name one of the two captains for the NBA All-Star Game 2022


    16. By how many points did Italy beat Wales in the 2022 Six Nations?

    a) 1
    b) 2
    c) 3

    17. Name three nations to compete in the 2022 Rugby Europe Championship

    18. Which player scored the most points at the 2022 Six Nations?

    ???? OLYMPIC HISTORY! ????

    Australia will have a Curling team at the Winter Olympics for the first time in 2022! ????????

    ???? – Australian Curling Federation#9WWOS #Olympics pic.twitter.com/Tga5twkxFk

    — Wide World of Sports (@wwos) December 9, 2021



    19. Who won the Women’s Cricket World Cup?

    20. What nation were the male and female winners of the Tokyo Marathon both from?

    21. Which country was banned from the Paralympic Winter Games?

    a) Russia
    b) Belarus
    c) Both of them


    22. Who won the Paralympic Winter Games?

    23. Which country are the Indian Wells masters held?

    24. Name three of the four teams to get into the Women’s World Cup semi-finals (cricket)


    25. How many stadiums were used in the Women’s World Cup?

    26. How many teams competed at the Women’s World Cup?

    27. Which African country won the World Athletics Indoor Championship?

    (Photo by Phil Walter-ICC/ICC via Getty Images)



    28. Who won the NBA Play-offs?

    29. What position in the world is Madrid Open winner Carlos Alcaraz?

    30. In which country is the Emilia Romagna Formula 1 track?


    31. What country is the Monaco ePrix winner Stoffel Vandoorne from?

    32. Who were the only Super Rugby team to win against Kiwi opposition in the ANZAC & Super round?

    33. The Liége-Bastogne-Liége bike race takes place in which country?


    34. How many games did the NBA Play-off final take to find a winner?

    35. How many teams were in the NBA Play-offs?

    a) 10
    b) 16
    c) 12

    36. Which of these was unusual about the 2022 NFL Draft?

    a) Zero quarterbacks were selected in the first round
    b) Only one running back was selected in the first round
    c) The first five picks were all defensive players

    (Photo by Mark Brake/Getty Images)



    37. Who won the Champions League final, held in May?

    38. Which nation was the European Champions Cup winner from?

    39. Which city is the Monaco Grand Prix held in?


    40. What nation is F1’s Red Bull Racing from, Spanish Grand Prix winner Max Verstappen’s team?

    41. Which American city hosted its first-ever F1 race in May?

    a) Boston
    b) Miami
    c) Dallas

    42. Rafael Nadal won which Grand Slam in May?


    43. Which European club football tournament had its first-ever final hosted this May?

    44. Who won her second-ever tennis Grand Slam in May?

    45. The first cycling Grand Tour of 2022 was held in which country?

    (Photo by TPN/Getty Images)



    46. Who lost in the 2022 Wimbledon final?

    47. And who won that final?

    48. The US Open-winning golfer Matt Fitzpatrick is from which country?


    49. Who won the PDC World Cup of Darts?

    50. If my horse competed in the Epsom Derby, which country would I be in?

    51. The inaugural Finalissima (football) was competed between Argentina and which other nation?


    52. What edition of the NBA Draft took place in June?

    a) 56
    b) 76
    c) 96

    53. By how many points did the Crusaders win the Super Rugby Pacific final?

    54. How many Oceania Athletics Championships have there been in history?

    a) 11
    b) 13
    c) 16

     (Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)



    55. Who was the surprise winner of the Tour de France?

    56. Who hosted and won the women’s football euros?

    57. The ‘World Games’ aim to fill gaps left by which multi-sport event?


    58. The Maccabiah Games are a multi-sport event open only to athletes of which religion?

    59. Who won the Open Championship and joined LIV Golf a month later?

    60. At which racing track is the British Grand Prix held?


    61. In which country was the Rugby Africa Cup confusedly held?

    62. The World Athletics Championships were held in which American city?

    63. Which area of Europe were both the hosts and winners of the World Orienteering Championships from?

    (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)



    64. Who won the Rugby Championship?

    65. Who won Oleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua II?

    66. Which is the final Grand Tour of the year, after the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France?


    67. The postponed Jeux de la Francophonie is a multi-sport event for speakers od which language?

    68. The Ypres Rally took place in which country?

    69. Who won the US Open?


    70. Name one of the two joint-top scorers of the Rugby Championship?

    71. Who was the top try scorer at the Rugby Championship?

    72. The World Beach Korfball Championships were held in August, what two sports is Korfball a mix of?

    (Photo by Daniel Jayo/Getty Images)



    73. Who won the Berlin Marathon?

    74. Who won the Rugby Sevens World Cup?

    75. Where did Dragon Boat racing originate from?


    76. The ‘Socca World Cup’ (spelling intentional) is a World Cup for how many a side football?

    77. Who won the Lifesaving World Championships?

    78. The modern pentathlon European championships took place in September, name two of the sports it consists of


    79. The Presidents Cup (golf) was contested by a team representing America and a team representing who?

    80. The Lever Cup is competed in what sport?

    81. The 2022-23 NFL season started in September, in which month will it finish?

    (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)



    82. Who won the women’s Rugby World Cup?

    83. Who won the Rugby League World Cup?

    84. Who won the T20 World Cup?


    85. Who won the Player of the Tournament at the T20 World Cup?

    86. Who won the South America Championships (multi-sport)?

    87. If my team was in the Copa Libertadores final, which sport would I be talking about?


    88. Who won the London Marathon?

    89. Name three of the four semi-finalists of the Women’s Rugby World Cup

    90. Name three of the four semi-finalists of the Rugby League World Cup

    Rugby World Cup showcased some serious talent in Women’s Rugby ????#StanSportAU #RWC2021 pic.twitter.com/IJ3fbcCYua

    — Stan Sport Rugby (@StanSportRugby) December 20, 2022



    91. Who won the first game of the FIFA World Cup?

    92. Which nation shocked Argentina to win their first game at the FIFA World Cup?

    93. In which country is the ATP Masters, held in Turin?


    94. Sambo is a sport originating from which country?

    95. Powerlifting involves how many sports?

    a) 2
    b) 3
    c) 4

    96. By how many goals did England beat Iran at the FIFA World Cup?


    97. In curling, what is the group of circles called?

    98. Name the three French scorers to bag against the Socceroos

    99. Softball is a close relative of which other ball game?

    (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)



    100. Who beat the Socceroos in their last 16 game?

    101. How many a-side basketball is most popular, apart from 5-a-side?

    102. Squash is played with which item?


    103. Boccia is a sport closely related to which other?

    104. Wushu originated from which country?

    105. The Four Hills ski jumping tournament will take place later in December, what is the male world record for ski jumping in metres?

    a) 153
    b) 253
    c) 353


    106. Goalball is predominantly played by people with which disability?

    107. The Four Continents speed skating Championships took place earlier this month, what is the male 500m record?

    a) 33 seconds
    b) 43 seconds
    c) 53 seconds

    108. Argentina beat the Netherlands on penalties, but in what minute did the Netherlands make it 2-2?

    (Photo by Robbie Jay Barratt – AMA/Getty Images)

    Now for the answers, if you have any problems with the questions and/or answers, put them in the comments, and make sure to put your score in the comments as well!


    1 c) Usman Khawaja
    2 Rafael Nadal
    3 a) Africa
    4 5
    5 b) Cross-country skiing and shooting
    6 b) China
    7 c) Iran
    8 a) Portugal
    9 7
    10 France
    11 Europe
    12 Beijing and/or China
    13 15
    14 a) Los Angeles Rams
    15 One of LeBron James and Kevin Durant
    16 a) 1
    17 Three of Romania, Spain, Georgia, Portugal, Russia, and the Netherlands
    18 Marcus Smith
    19 Australia
    20 Kenya
    21 c) Both of them
    22 China
    23 USA
    24 Three of England, Australia, West Indies, and South Africa
    25 6
    26 8
    27 Ethiopia
    28 The Golden State Warriors
    29 1
    30 Italy
    31 Belgium
    32 The Brumbies
    33 Belgium
    34 6
    35 b) 16
    36 c) The first five picks were all defensive players
    37 Real Madrid
    38 France
    39 Monte-Carlo
    40 Austria
    41 b) Miami
    42 The French Open
    43 The Europa Conference League
    44 Iga Swiatek
    45 Italy
    46 Nick Kyrgios
    47 Novak Djokovic
    48 England (Great Britain or United Kingdom also accepted)
    49 Australia
    50 England (Great Britain or United Kingdom also accepted)

    51 Italy
    52 b) 76
    53 14
    54 c) 16
    55 Jonas Vingegaard
    56 England
    57 The Olympics
    58 Judaism
    59 Cameron Smith
    60 Silverstone
    61 France
    62 Euguene
    63 Scandinavia
    64 New Zealand
    65 Oleksandr Usyk
    66 The Vuelta a Espana
    67 French
    68 Belgium
    69 Carlos Alcaraz
    70 One of Emiliano Boffelli and Richie Mo’unga
    71 Samisoni Taukei’aho
    72 Basketball and netball
    73 Eliud Kipchoge
    74 Fiji
    75 China
    76 Six-a-side
    77 Australia
    78 Two of fencing, swimming, equestrian, shooting, and running
    79 The Rest of the World
    80 Tennis
    81 January
    82 New Zealand
    83 Australia
    84 England
    85 Sam Curran
    86 Brazil
    87 Football
    88 Amos Kipruto
    89 Three of Canada, New Zealand, France, and England
    90 Three of Australia, New Zealand, England, and Samoa
    91 Ecuador
    92 Saudi Arabia
    93 Italy
    94 Russia
    95 b) 3
    96 4
    97 The house
    98 Adrien Rabiot, Oliver Giroud, and Kylian Mbappé
    99 Baseball
    100 Argentina
    101 3-a-side
    102 A racket
    103 Bowls (or Pétanque)
    104 China
    105 b) 253
    106 Visual impairment
    107 a) 33 seconds
    108 The 90+11th

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