Ask The Experts: Byung Jung An, No. 319

February 12, 2020Ask The Experts: Byung Jung An, No. 319 Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question: I am a national level player. At present I play with above mentioned rubber combination with Dr neubauer world champion ply. My forehand drives are compromised due to my current blade I always feel and I wish I could still have better backhand control. My serves and BH blocks with maximum spin reversal are the strongest points of my game. I definitely want to switch over butterfly blade without changing my rubbers combination. I do play spinny loops and powerful smash drives. In no case I want to loose my BH bolcks control which I play very close to the table. I do follow Luka mladenovick style of play. Please suggest an appropriate blade for me. Thanks and regards Dr Tushar Answer:


Your Ask the Experts question was answered by Byung Jung An. He is a coach at Han In Table Tennis Club in Palisades Park, New Jersey. Coach An’s response is as follows:

Hi Dr. Tushar, Thank you for your question. I recommend the ZHANG JIKE SUPER ZLC model.  The ZHANG JIKE SUPER ZLC is the first model equipped with super ZL carbon. It has more elasticity than the existing ZLC rackets and widens the high repulsion area. You can improve both the power and stability of the shot. Because you use Anti-spin, the racket is lighter than a normal racket. So I think a racket that weighs about 90 grams would be good. I would like to give you two tips about your play.

  1. Do not use rackets that are too light.
  2. Play by turning the racket. (If you’re already doing that, you’re doing well.)

 Coach Sam!