Ask The Experts: Lady Ruano, No. 321

March 18, 2020 Ask The Experts: Lady Ruano, No. 321 Butterfly Table Tennis Question and AnswerQuestion: I am 75 year, strong and old. In good athletic shape. i Work our regularly. I am a good recreational player, play 5 times a week. I hit mostly flat balls with very little spin. I play mostly a power game. I want to buy a racket that is not heavy ( as i have had tennis elbow) and good rubbers that will give me good control and a fair amount of speed but will allow me to better develop my spin game. my budget is up to $130. Please recommend a racket and rubbers. something on sale would even be better. A friend of mine who is an excellent player and knows my game suggested butterfly 401, 502, or 603. Please advise. Answer: 


This Ask the Experts question was answered by Lady Ruano. She is a coach at the Broward Table Tennis Club in Davie, Florida. Coach Ruano’s response is as follows:

Hi Lawrence,
The Butterfly brand has a variety of specialized woods for all types of play. I suggest two options which will benefit your style of play and provide you with progress at your level, are economical and later you can use the same blade with another type of rubber.
Andrzej Grubba combined with Sriver FX 2.1mm. It is a soft and elastic sponge rubber which allows better contact with the surface of the rubber generating more rotation.
The Boll Allround Pro-Line wood provides excellent control for versatile offensive players on all types of shots. It has a weight of 85g and combined with Rozena rubber will generate power and spin, great control and create stability against any type of technique.
With these two options you would enjoy better quality woods than those that were recommended as excellent pre-assembled starter woods. The ones I suggest are specialized for a higher level and I consider that with the hours you spend in practice you will have a more consistent game of great power and effectiveness.
I hope it helps a lot and remember that the Butterfly team is here to help you.
Coach Lady Ruano