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December 30, 2019Ask The Experts: Nan Li, No. 303 Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question: good evening. I’m getting Petr Korbel (Japan model) to use in a training to improve my movements. I am unsure which tenergy to use knowing that the wood is limba and so is a ted soft wood. I’m used to use viscaria and tenergys 05 hard and t05 in backhand. I don’t like the t80. I don’t want to lose the set speed too much but I don’t want the set to get too dead. Should I use a hard t05 on the forehand and some one a bit soft on backhand like the normal t05? At the moment Im playing with clipper wood plus t05 hard on forehand and Dignics 05 on backhand. I love the t64 a lot on backhand but I don’t know if it will leave it half dead my backhand. Thank you! Gilberto Answer:

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This Ask the Experts question was answered by Coach Nan Li. She is one of the coaches at the World Champions Table Tennis Academy in Santa Clara, CA. Coach Li’s response is as follows:

Hi Gilberto, Thanks for your question and interest in Butterfly equipment.

I suggest Tenergy 05 Hard on the forehand and Dignics 64 for your backhand.

The softer feel of the all wood Korbel blade fits the harder feel rubbers. The Dignics 64 plays a bit softer compared to the Tenergy 05 Hard but is more forgiving while still having offensive playing characteristics.

Hope you find this helpful and enjoy your new equipment.

Best, Nan Li

Coach @ WCTTA