Ask The Experts: Sung Soo Jung No. 310

March 10, 2020

Ask The Experts: Sung Soo Jung No. 310
Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer

Question: Hi coach Sung Soo Jung, please advise if this combination is good?

Blade: Innerforce ALC Forehand Rubber: Tenergy 05 FX Backhand Rubber: Tenergy 05 FX


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This Ask the Experts question was answered by Sung Soo Jung. Coach Jung is the head coach at the Jung Table Tennis Club in Los Angeles, CA and his response is as follows:

Dear Sasa,  Thank you for showing an interest in our equipment.   If more power and sharpness are what you are looking for in a rubber, I recommend Tenergy 64 for both forehand and backhand strokes.  Powered by Spring Sponge Technology, Tenergy 64 is the fastest of the Tenergy series.  While Tenergy 05 FX is good for control because of its softer feeling, Tenergy 64 is the ultimate attacking rubber, ultimately providing you with power, sharpness and penetration you are seeking.   If you want to hit the ball with more power and penetration, I recommend Zhang Jike Super ZLC.  Being the first model with Super ZL-Carbon style, Zhang Jike Super ZLC provides a better reaction covering a wider range of the high reaction area.  With a Zhang Jike Super ZLC you will experience a blade that provides you with power and control at the same time.   It might be beneficial to you if you have someone observe how you play and give you professional advice.   I hope my recommendations were helpful.   Sungsoo Jung Jung’s Table Tennis