Ask The Experts: Tawny Banh, No. 313

January 28, 2020Ask The Experts: Tawny Banh, No. 313 Butterfly Table Tennis Question and Answer Question:  Advice on new blade please. i’m 60, highest rating 1450, now 1300 after 10 year break but improving. beaten a few 1550 players recently. previous blade was Off-, 7 speed, 7 control. play all around game for my level, no great strength, no great weakness. biggest strength control and touch shots Answer: Your Ask the Experts question was answered by Tawny Banh. She is a coach at the Los Angeles Table Tennis Association in El Monte, CA. Coach Banh’s response is as follows:

Your equipment is very outdated! Glad you want to upgrade to newer technology equipment. 
It sounds like you are more of a controlled and placement player.  I suggest using the blades: Boll Offensive or Boll Control.  These 2 blades should give you good spin, control and placement while you can still attack. 
I also recommend upgrading your Sriver rubber to Rozena
Hope this helps and good luck!
Coach Banh