At the Evian, Name Calling Takes Practice

Angela Stanford, the 2018 Evian winner, agrees. “I come from a small town in Texas,” said Stanford, 43, who has seven L.P.G.A. victories. “When we leave the country, and they announce me from the United States, I take a great deal of pride in that. I love it.”

For the first day of the four-day tournament, the players tee off on the No. 1 or No. 10 holes. Bayne is responsible for the announcements on one tee, Meneghel the other. They change places on the second day. Over the weekend, they split the duties, with all of the golfers beginning their round on No. 1.

The announcement for each group usually goes like this:

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is group number 23, tee time 11:32. On the tee from the United States of America, Natalie Gulbis.” For the second player the starter says “Next on the tee.” For the third player, “And on the tee.” If the player is the defending champion, the starter will add that detail to the announcement.

After the players from each group hit their opening drives, they leave the tee box and head down the fairway. Bayle and Meneghel then prepare the scorecards for the next group to tee off.

There are 12 minutes between each tee time. The starters notify the players when five minutes remain before their scheduled time and again when there is one minute to go. Other than that, the starters don’t say much to the players.

“They do recognize us and smile and always say, ‘Thank you,’” Bayle said. “Most of them are really nice. Some of them are more inclined to talk to me, and I will talk to them.”

For both starters, who bring their husbands, the week in Evian is a holiday. They aren’t paid for their work, but receive free accommodations, lunch on site and an allowance for evening meals. After every player has teed off, they stay and watch the rest of the round.

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