Billy Donovan: “I’m a big believer of confrontation”

    During postgame of last night’s 110-108 road win vs. the Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls head coach Billy Donovan was asked if he thinks that Sunday’s locker room confrontation will bring this club closer together.

    (via The 3 Point Conversion):

    “I think you hope so. I’m a big believer of confrontation. I think sometimes people look at confrontation, they think that’s yelling and screaming at each other. And I don’t think we have those kind of guys. I think the guys treat each other with great respect. But you have to confront stuff. You’ve got to be confrontational. I think sometimes in any kind of family situation, no one ever just walks into the house and not say anything to anybody. That’s the worst part, when you’re silenced. I think that their communication, them trying to relay what they need from each other is a good thing. I don’t think there was anything wrong with it. I think it’s healthy. At times, it can be uncomfortable for people, but it all comes from a good place that they all want to do it together. 

    “They know we need each other. And I think anytime you can explain to somebody what you need from them to help them, I think that’s a good thing. I wasn’t in there for that moment. I heard there were guys talking through things and confronting each other on what they need to do better, and I think that’s a good thing. Hopefully for us, it’s the consistency piece. So I thought we competed really, really well these last two games, but can you go to New York and do the same thing? It’s you do it this game, you don’t do it the next game. You gotta be consistent and kinda build that. That’s the test for us right now, in my opinion. But I think them playing for each other, playing with each other, trying to help each other, is where it comes.”

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