Call to action — Important information regarding House Education Committee bill, eligibility requirements and the FHSAA

Important Legislation Alert!

The House Education Committee is scheduled to hear a proposed committee bill relating to high school athletics on Thursday, March 26.  This proposed bill is far reaching and the FHSAA believes it will create “free agency” of high school student-athletes.

Among many major changes, this proposed bill:

  • Promotes school choice for athletic purposes – a student may attend one school and play for another;
  • Prohibits private schools and school boards from adopting more stringent rules on transfers; and 
  • Limits ineligibility to only three (3) criteria: GPA, falsifying information, and impermissible benefits – leaving out age, years of play, etc.  

The FHSAA understands that work schedules don’t always permit you to personally take part in the legislative process.  However, this directly impacts all schools and we feel your voice should be heard.  

Please take time to read the attached documents and express your views with your elected officials.

Proposed House Education Committee Bill can be viewed here | FHSAA’s summation of major points can be viewed here

E-mail addresses for the House Education Committee are provided below:

Representative E-mail Address
O’Toole, H. Marlene [R] – Chair marlene [dot] otoole [at] myfloridahouse [dot] gov
Perry, W. Keith [R] – Vice Chair keith [dot] perry [at] myfloridahouse [dot] gov
Adkins, Janet H. [R] janet [dot] adkins [at] myfloridahouse [dot] gov
Antone, Bruce [D] bruce [dot] antone [at] myfloridahouse [dot] gov
Bileca, Michael [R] michael [dot] bileca [at] myfloridahouse [dot] gov
Diaz, Jr., Manny [R] manny [dot] diaz [at] myfloridahouse [dot] gov
Fresen, Erik [R] erik [dot] fresen [at] myfloridahouse [dot] gov
Fullwood, Reggie [D] reggie [dot] fullwood [at] myfloridahouse [dot] gov
Geller, Joseph [D] joseph [dot] geller [at] myfloridahouse [dot] gov
Hager, Bill [R] bill [dot] hager [at] myfloridahouse [dot] gov
Ingram, Clay [R] clay [dot] ingram [at] myfloridahouse [dot] gov
Latvala, Chris [R] chris [dot] latvala [at] myfloridahouse [dot] gov
Porter, Elizabeth W. [R] elizabeth [dot] porter [at] myfloridahouse [dot] gov
Raulerson, Daniel D. “Dan” [R] dan [dot] raulerson [at] myfloridahouse [dot] gov
Rehwinkel Vasilinda, Michelle [D] michelle [dot] rehwinkel [at] myfloridahouse [dot] gov
Spano, Ross [R] ross [dot] spano [at] myfloridahouse [dot] gov
Torres, Jr., Victor Manuel “Vic” [D] victor [dot] torres [at] myfloridahouse [dot] gov
Williams, Alan B. [D] alan [dot] williams [at] myfloridahouse [dot] gov

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