Nordic Bites

From Finnish Jerusalem artichoke soup with marinated tofu to Danish open-face dilled shrimp sandwiches to Swedish cedar-smoked salmon with potato salad, these dishes bring a hearty taste of…

Colorful Parsnip Soup

We don’t usually think of parsnips as colorful. When fresh
pomegranate seeds and cilantro are showered on this mildly spicy,
coconut-scented soup, however,…

Salsify and Shiitake Gratin

Keep salsify in cold water as the pieces are cut, because the flesh discolors easily.

The charm of the underappreciated salsify lies in its

Filipino Discoveries

Add exotic flavors to your prepared foods with vegetable spring rolls in garlic-peanut sauce, oxtail stew and chicken and pork adobo.

By Joanna…

Individual Curried Scallop Strudels

Mildly spicy curried scallops wrapped in phyllo are an elegant first course or light main course. A small amount of
ground walnuts, breadcrumbs and mustard…

Sweet and Savory Phyllo Dishes

From appetizer to dessert, these three dishes highlighting versatile phyllo dough are great to prepare and sell for final cooking at home.

by Joanna…

Prepared Food Focus: Spirited Cooking

Like salt, a small amount of alcohol highlights and brightens other flavors in a dish. Here are three recipes, using bourbon, rum and Grand Marnier,…