Best Ever Chocolate Banana Bread

This Best Ever Chocolate Banana Bread is perfection. The bread itself is moist and tastes incredible. The banana and chocolate come together beautifully to create a new staple recipe to…

Basler Brunsli Cookies

A world of recipes exists beyond standard chocolate-chip and oatmeal varieties that will help to capture sales from dessert-loving customers.

by Joanna Pruess

As popular…

Manenas Cookies


Whole seeds are used liberally throughout the Middle East as ornamentation on baked goods, says Juliet Borowiec, who became immersed in the culture

Manjar Cheesecake with Cinnamon Apples

Who hasn’t fallen under the spell of dulce de leche or, as it’s called in
Chile, manjar? In this seductive cheesecake, chef Pilar Rodriguez, from…

Prepared Food Focus: The Flavors of Chile

Familiarize your customers with this country’s indigenous and distinct ingredients with these three recipes.

by Joanna Pruess

Chile’s rich and varied terrain, along…