Claressa Shields calls altercation ‘inexcusable’

FLINT, Mich. (AP) — Claressa Shields called the altercation before Friday’s weigh-in “inexcusable” after her opponent’s trainer was hospitalized and her fight Saturday night was called off.

Shields was supposed to fight Ivana Habazin on Saturday, but the bout was canceled. reported that James Ali Bashir, Habazin’s trainer, had facial injuries after he was punched and fell to the concrete floor.

The remainder of the event was to go on as scheduled Saturday night.

“I did not see what happened and am relying, like so many of you, on what I have heard. Despite the videos that are out, the actions that took place against Coach Ali was not right,” Shields said in a Facebook post. “I do not stand for that and do not in any way justify what happened no matter what he said! I stand with Coach Ali and Ivana Habazin and I also understand their stand on our fight.”

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