‘Coins, bricks and fireworks’ thrown as Aldershot and Woking fans clash

    ‘Coins, bricks and fireworks’ were reportedly thrown as Aldershot Town and Woking fans clash in the National League fixture.

    Aldershot Town FC Supporters Club took to social media as footage surfaced showing just what took place within the stadium and after hearing some details.

    @officialatsc wrote: “We are deeply saddened with the events at todays game. Although we are aware it was the action(s) of a small minority, there is no room for this behaviour at the EBB. We will await communication from the club on how they wish to proceed on this matter .

    “CCTV being reviewed by the club.

    “We are a family club and this should not be happening.

    “It is completely unacceptable and can assure you that the club are taking the matter very seriously.

    “Well done on the win & the three points but it should not come at this cost.

    “We hope the perpetrators will be found & face appropriate punishment.”


    — Adam  (@AdamCFC22) December 26, 2022

    Woking came away from Aldershot with all three points despite playing the final few minutes with 10 men.

    The Cardinals’ Padraig Amond was taken down inside the area just 11 minutes in and Rhys Browne made sure his spot kick would put his side 1-0 up.

    They then doubled their lead to really make it a bumper away end and settle nerves with the second half coming to a close when James Kellerman’s cross was deflected in by Corey Jordan.

    There was a slight scare for Woking when Dan Moss conceded a penalty and was given a second yellow card with two minutes left.

    Inih Effiong netted his penalty kick to get on back, however Woking held on for all three points, with the result leaving Woking fourth with 43 points from 23 games. Meanwhile, Aldershot are 18th wit 26 points from 22 games.

    But it was ‘coins, bricks and fireworks’ thrown as Aldershot and Woking fans clash that got a lot of people talking after the final whistle…

    @kieronraynes14: Coins, Bricks, fireworks and the worst thing I saw was an Aldershot fan spitting through the gate in a Woking fans face after the game. Is this really how Aldershot Fans want to be perceived by the wider football community?

    @Josh23373825: I’m not defending anything and I agree it’s an absolute disgrace but I will point out that away at Woking last year a lot was thrown from woking fans. Still awful from us

    @ExileToffee: The people who did that are not genuine Shots fans. Just people out to cause mayhem once a year. But you’re right. It is a very small number and we must not lose sight of that.

    @shots_away: I have to say, Woking fan have an issue with bring flares into all our recent game both at Aldershot ground and at last year game at their own stadium.

    @R0hanF: Awful behaviour. But thanks for acknowledging, just need the club to take action on it now. Got no place in the game

    @nikiphillips241: Teenage son hit in the hand by a firework! Disgraceful

    @thechels1: The club needs to make a proper statement about it

    @life_slab: Agree. Totally unacceptable and anyone involved needs to be identified and banned

    @ryantotdell: Shame to see seems every game against them this happens

    @shots1926: We know exactly what the club will do about it. Nothing, never have done, never will. Just say, you tell us so we don’t have a bother looking. That’s why the idiots carry on without a care. Love to know the relationship between problems and people actually charged with anything.

    @CornerMoaners: I seriously hope @wokingfc make a complaint to Hampshire Police somebody could have got seriously hurt in the away end today at Aldershot with bricks, flares and fireworks launched into Woking fans @SurreyPolice @OfficialShots

    @jackdakin8: Aldershot fans lobbing a brick & a firework at Woking fans today, my god

    Hi Adrian.
    There are bad eggs in both camps but when on our turf, we need to take action.
    If you have or have seen any footage or photos of any of the events, please share or tag us.
    This is not representative behaviour of our loyal fanbase & we want action against them too!

    — Aldershot Town FC Supporters Club (@officialatsc) December 26, 2022

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