The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen “Breadman” Edwards tackling topics such as Canelo Alvarez vs. Sergey Kovalev, Otto Wallin vs. Tyson Fury, Andre Ward talking about Gervonta Davis, and more.

OK Bread,

I definitely didn’t expect Wallin Fury to end up like that! Johnny Fury has furiously blamed his son’s trainer for getting him into the shape that looks great, rather than his best shape for boxing. Ben Davdson is defiant but needs to be a bit careful since Johnny Fury went to nick for actually gouging a man’s eye out.
So, 4 questions:

1   With heavyweights, how do you decide on the best weight?
2   Do you agree with Johny Fury that Tyson was over-trained, or have you any other thoughts why he seemed so disappointing?
3  Did TF only seem disappointing because Wallinn is much better than we gave him credit for? How do you ike Wallinn v (say) Jarell Miller, Dillian Whyte or Joseph Parker?
4 have you had experience training guys whose whole family had experience in boxing? Hw do you cope when they tell you they know best?

Bread’s Response: Why does Ben Davison need to be careful? Tyson Fury hired him as his head coach. I don’t get what you’re saying.

1. Heavyweights do have a peak performing weight. I think you decide it by having them do certain things in camp and you monitor their weight on the performance days. Being body beautiful and being performance beautiful doesn’t have to be the same.

2. I think John Fury is upset because he loves his son and wants the best for him. But I can’t say if he was overtrained or not. I don’t know enough about his body or what happened in camp to say that. Maybe Wallin was better than we thought. Everytime a fighter has a flat performance doesn’t mean he overtained. I will watch the fight again and let you know. By my initial impression was just Wallin was  good and Fury was caught a little off guard at how good Wallin was. You have to remember Fury is not a Big puncher by heavyweight standards. So he doesn’t have an eraser for off nights. He has to use skill. Where as Wilder has had 5 or 6 nights just like this but at some point he lands a right hand and the night is over…..

3. I would like to see Wallin vs the top guys. But I won’t anoint him yet. Sometimes you can just have a good night. Boxing is a funny sport. Wallin may be the goods or he may never look that good again. We have to wait and see.

4. I would just simply tell whoever the family member is, to train the boxer themselves or take them somewhere else. I’m not fighting with anone over their kid, I have kid’s of my own.

canelo-kovalev (3)

What’s going on man? Hope all has been well. I’ll get straight to it! When are writers and the true fans of the sport going to finally call BS on Canelo Alvarez? The weight stipulations, the WBC protection, and lastly the peds. Bouts consistently get made shortly before the fight is to take place and it’s noted that any A side fighter that doesn’t demand strict testing should be at the very least side eyed! I’m not disrespectful of the man or his talent but it seems so blatant and obvious that it saddens me that no one seems to want to speak on it but seem more or less willing to give him a pass for his financial standing in the sport! WHY?

Bread’s Response: Fans can say what they want these days on the internet. Some are knowledgeable, but most are bias morons.

The media is whom you should direct your comments to. They have the REAL PLATFORM. But most in the media care about ACCESS to fighters so they won’t say certain things that will compromises the integrity of the sport.

Canelo Alvarez is a GREAT HOF fighter. And at the same time, if you’re fair and objective you will realize that he’s received the benefit of doubt in EVERY SINGLE close fight of his career. Every swing round or possible round to give him, was given to him.

You also have to admit that team GGG opened up a can of worms by testing him 3 months prior to the rematch. From my personal view that says a lot. If Canelo had tested positive 3 weeks before the GGG fight and said it was in the MEAT, I most likely would have given him the benefit of doubt. But for it to happen in February for a fight scheduled in May tells me something. Especially when most people in boxing knows the normal testing window is about 2 months before the fight and Canelo was tested OUTSIDE of the normal window. Which may lead one to believe that he wasn’t expecting to be tested.

As far as the last minute announcement of the fight. I will give Canelo a PASS. He was trying to make the fight and get Kovalev to pull out of the Yarde fight. So I won’t say he waited until the last minute so his test window is shorter. You have to be FAIR.

But at the same time while being FAIR. You have to wonder why Canelo is not testing 365/24/7 anymore. The media praised him for doing it and I never understood the praise.  He did it AFTER testing positive twice. It was the right thing to do. But the positive test happened last year. So he only tested randomly for 1 year and now he’s not doing it anymore at that level. The same media who made him out to be a pioneer should ask why only one year AFTER a positive test? It makes it look like what he did was just a media ploy instead of a genuine act.

I also read Canelo an Krusher will be doing VADA for their fight which is always a good thing in my opinion.

Canelo’s fans and Canelo bashers are always far apart. The TRUTH shouldn’t be that far apart. The TRUTH comes one way. The TRUTH is he’s a great fighter who has received special treatment.

Did you read about Andre Ward taking a verbal shot at Tank Davis and Davis’s response? Do you think Ward was accurate and what did you think of Tank’s response?

Bread’s Response: MY question to you is how do you know Andre Ward was talking about Gervonta Davis? From what I read Ward said there are fighters who claim to be the future of boxing but they’re fighting subpar competition. That can go for about 30 fighters! How in the heck did anyone conclude he was speaking of Davis.

I read Davis’s response. All I can say about that is what if Ward was NOT talking about Davis? Now Davis is in a public beef with a legendary great fighter because of a misguided assumption. Social Media can cause all types of feuds that aren’t real. I’m not convinced Ward was talking about Davis. But maybe some more info will come out later. I really hope this doesn’t turn into anything big I hate seeing stuff like this.

People thought you were hyping Devin Haney. But as more time passes the energy seems to be that Haney is the one who will beat Loma. I will admit I thought you were crazy too but after seeing him fight I think it’s 60/40 Loma now and I give Haney a better chance that Teofimo Lopez and Tank Davis. Why do you think Haney has the best chance to beat Loma and not the other two who are bigger punchers?

Bread’s Response: First off Loma is a dog. His determination and willingness to turn it up in close fights are underrated. Anyone can be clipped but I don’t worry about Loma vs punchers.

Lopez will be a welterweight in 3 or 4 years. So Loma will have a physicality disadvantage. But I think Loma is skilled enough to overcome the physicality and power. I see him turning Lopez all night. Lopez does a shoulder roll but I’m not sure if he has the footwork to offset Loma. Floyd Mayweather understands the shoulder roll. He knows when and when not to do it. I see other fighters emulate it but I don’t know if they have a true understanding of it.

I love Tank Davis. But he’s short. And he doesn’t have a great jab. Loma will be able to get UP on him and peck him. I have to see if Davis can concentrate for 36 minutes vs the frustration that is Loma. I’m not saying he can’t but I’m saying I haven’t seen it. Davis is one of the best punchers in all of boxing. But he’s so superior physically than his opponents at this time I would like to see if he can make certain adjustments to beat a fighter like Loma. Davis is the wild card right now and I wouldn’t be surprised if he beat Loma. But I can’t pick him just yet. Loma is different. I can remember Zab Judah was winning fights on his power and speed gifts. Then when he had to make his boxing and IQ adjustments and he wasn’t as dominant. Watching Davis progress will be fascinating.

Haney is LONG. He’s built like Floyd Mayweather. He has the reflexes of a lightweight but the reach of a junior middleweight. Haney has a great jab, and he has a stingy defense. Haney is not the big puncher the other two are that’s why I think he has the best chance to beat Loma. I think Haney will just try to outbox Loma and score points. He won’t get frustrated if he can’t clip Loma or hurt him. He’s been the distance a few times and it’s no big deal to him.

Hi Bread,

Big hello from Ireland and I hope you are doing good, been following your articles for a long time and your knowledge in the sport is second to none !

I have something I would like you to shed some light upon.  Floyd Mayweather Jnr, in your boxing eye when was Floyd in his prime and when did you see a decline ?

The reason I am asking this is I have read/heard so much about the man fighting so many opponents when they were not in their prime, Floyd was not in his prime when he fought Cotto, Mosley, Pacquiao, Canelo etc… He fought those guys when he was 31 – 34 years of age.  No sports man is in their prime at that age, or maybe I am wrong but once the 30 mark hits athletes start to decline at different rates. In my opinion the best one’s knows how to adapt to whats in front of them, you could look at Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, there longevity is down to their experience and making adjustments. Cristiano Ronaldo is doing the same at the moment.  That to me is what makes athletes special.  The same could be said for Bernard Hopkins and even Manny right now.  They know how to adapt and get the job done. 

To discredit a boxer for not fighting boxers in their prime and not look at the obvious fact is that Floyd himself was not in his prime but still got the job done deserves a little bit of respect I think. 

Mythical Matchup’s or not so Mythical.

Mosley Vs Lomo @ Lightweight.
Inoue Vs Rigo @ Bantam.

Keep up the great work Bread, love your mailbag.

Bread’s Response: Floyd Mayweather has the most unique prime I have ever seen in boxing. In my opinion he has had the longest PRIME in the history of the sport. His drop off has barely been detectable. I think he stayed in PRIME form for his entire championship run throughout the sport. No one else can say that. Floyd is pretty much Tom Brady in football or Hank Aaron in baseball. They may not have the highest peak in their respective sports but they had the longest prime runs.

Now his PEAK or APEX is slightly different. That is how high he went. His best nights. Floyd’s best nights are spread out in my opinion which is also a great thing. He has had peak performances at every weight. Corrales at 130, Ndou at 135, Gatti at 140, Judah at 147 and Canelo at 154.

If you’re asking me the exact times I saw him at his peak. I would say from 98 when he beat Genaro Hernandez up until 07 when he beat Hatton. I’ve seen all of his championship fights and I will say there was a little struggle area at lightweight for some reason. He struggled vs Augustus, Castillo twice and even Victor Sosa but he got it together vs Phillip Ndou. It was strange. Maybe he was adjusting to the weight or had hand problems.

Floyd Mayweather had a special RUN.

I can’t call Mosley vs Loma. Mosley was NOT the boxer puncher people assume he was. He was a vicious, athletic fighter, with a great body attack and high volume. He was also huge for a lightweight. His size, reach and volume would trouble Loma.

But Loma would really frustrate Mosley and turn him. Loma is a better boxer and he’s more precise. See Cotto vs Mosley. I just can’t call this fight. If Mosley would have fought Stevie Johnston we would have a better idea….I say they would have to fight 3 times.

I don’t know enough about Inoue at this moment. But a PEAK Rigo is a tough out for anyone in history smaller than him. I don’t know if Eder Jofre could beat him on his best night. Rigo is a mother%$#^@# head to head.


I’ve got a couple quick ones for you again.

1. I feel like power from 160 to 175 is hard to transfer. Kovalev also won’t be easy to body punch with his in and out and his hands down. Canelo might be open for straight body punches of his own with his hands up as he marches forward (Kovalev throws those, GGG does not). I feel like he is more motivated than before and, with McGirt, he’ll be composed. Still though, he might be frustrated by Canelo’s temerity if he keeps pressing for 12 and then may mentally fold. Thoughts?
2. Has anyone asked how Armstrong vs Floyd would have played out? How do you see it? Why?
3. Pep vs Naseem Hamed?



Bread’s Response: 1. I don’t think Kovalev is as mentally weak as the critics think. He has had too much adversity in his career for that to be true. He had a tough decision vs Darnell Boone as a prospect and he came back and smoked him. He killed a man and he kept his killer instinct. He fought Pascal, Hopkins and Cleverly in their hometowns and dominated each fight. He lost to Ward twice and came back and won a title. Lost that title by ko to Alvarez then came back and boxed his ears. In his last fight he was visibly hurt vs an undefeated Yarde and scored a big late ko.

I think Kovalev has some vulnerability. I think he shows his discomfort in the ring when hurt or fatigued. But he’s not a total front runner. He’s just not Marvin Hagler sturdy or Saad Muhammad resilient. But he has some bottom side character.

When this fight was 1st proposed my guts told me Canelo wins. After watching the McGirt and Kovalev chemistry I’m a little hesitant but I still pick Canelo. I think a fighter who can actually eat high calories and fight at his walk around weight has some advantages. Kovalev does not make 175 easy. I remember a few years back they talked about him moving to Cruiserweight.

I also believe Kovalev’s reaction time will come into play. Canelo is moving around less mass. So Canelo will have an advantage as far as Kovalev being able to time his attack. He will have the same advantage Wilder has with BIG heavyweights. The same advantage Pacman has had since 2008. They simply can’t time him. Canelo will have a harder time with a smaller, faster fighter. Just like James Toney did.

Call me crazy but I think Canelo will be able to JAB with Kovalev. And I think he can clip him in the mid range once Krusher gets fatigiued. They both have stamina issues but Canelo is the more relaxed fighter with better defense. Kovalev does not counter punch, he doesn’t have great block or parry skills and he doesn’t have great head movement. His defense is to move his feet out of his opponent’s punching range. Watch him close. The reason he looks bad when fatigued is because of this. So Canelo will be the more functional fighter as fatigue sets in.

2. I just asked Mayweather vs Armstrong on Twitter.  Lee Wylie put up a video of Marlin Starling vs Maweather Sr. He made the head vs shoulder reference. That’s exactly how I envisioned the fight. Armstrong in my opinion has the best stamina in history considering same day weigh in era, bout frequency and his style. I also think he’s the strongest fighter ever in a P4P sense. His peak weight is about 133lbs and he NEVER changed his come forward style.

I love Floyd as a fighter. But for fighters his size I think Aaron Pryor and Henry Armstrong are the worst possible styles for him. Maidana and Castillo both employed that smothering, high intensity, high volume kill style and they both forced rematches. I think Armstrong outworks him.

Pep would really box circles around Hamed. Think about the Barrera fight. And then think worse. Pep big in this one.


Read a situation that I would like your stance on.  Top Rank recently was paid a 7 figure amount to allow the Kovalev to fight Canelo without Top Rank being involved in the promotion.  This was because Team Kovalev agreed to an option held by Top Rank on his next fight in exchange for the rematch after his loss to Alvarez (Not Canelo).  How do you feel about those type of deals?  I feel it is a crime.  I’ve heard fighters hint around these type of deals before, but never saw it play out.  I’m sure the Top Rank Alvarez has never even made a 7 figure purse so how can Top Rank sleep at night knowing they secure 7 figures to step aside off the back of their fighter.  They should at least cut their fighter in on the windfall.  If I were a manager and had the leverage, I would negotiate upfront a generous share of such windfalls that go directly to the benefit of my fighter.

Bread’s Response: I DON’T think it’s a CRIME. It’s business. I’ve seen Promoters take 40%+ of the PACKAGE DEAL. In this case it looks as if Top Rank is taking less than 10%. They have a right to make money.

If I’m not mistaken Alvarez was Kovalev’s mandatory. A mandatory challenger by law does not have to give a rematch for a title shot he earned. Alvarez won the title and gave an immediate rematch. Kovalev had to give up something to get the immediate rematch. That’s just good business. Kovalev is making out great with this Canelo fight. Every aging fighter wants a huge severance pay from this unforgiving sport. Kovalev is getting his career high payday at 36. This is what fighters dream about.

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