Dan Orlovsky Makes Bold Statement About Jets QB Position

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    The New York Jets seem to have themselves a quarterback problem.

    While the team was in the playoff race early in the season, they are now falling out of the race.

    With everyone pointing to the quarterback position as the problem, former quarterback Dan Orlovsky comments about the Jets’ quarterback situation.


    Orlovsky Feels He Can Do Better Than Jets Slate Of Quarterbacks

    Orlovsky, who’s 39-years old, feels if he “went and played for the Jets, they’d be a playoff team.”

    .@danorlovsky7: “If I went and played for the Jets, they’d be a playoff team.”@stephenasmith: “When you’re the quarterback, you do have to stay in bounds in order to produce on the football field.”


    — First Take (@FirstTake) December 22, 2022

    The statement is laughable, which fans can see from the reaction of Marcus Spears during the segment on First Take.

    However, there is a point to the comment Orlovsky made about the Jets.

    While they have a solid defense, it’s the play at the quarterback position that is hurting them.

    Most of the blame falls on Zach Wilson, who is having a horrible season in his second year in the NFL.

    With him having another bad game on Thursday night, the statement of Orlovsky gains some traction.

    While he can’t lead the Jets at 39-years old, he’s spot on about how the Jets need a quarterback.

    However, the quarterback who can lead them is Mike White.

    But because of an injury, White is on the sidelines until he’s medically cleared.

    So until he recovers, the Jets are in a pickle with their quarterback situation.

    With Wilson being a first-round pick, it makes matters even worse for the Jets.

    While everyone is seeing him as a bust, the Jets are hoping he can somehow prove he’s worthy of being an NFL quarterback.

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