Der Zakarian criticizes Belaili’s entourage

    The former Brest coach believes that if Youcef Belaili did not succeed at Stade Brestois it is because of those close to him.

    Youcef Belaili is enjoying the heyday of AC Ajaccio today. The Algerian international has recovered in Corsica after having experienced a complicated passage at Stade Brestois. His adventure with the Finistère team even ended abruptly and Michel Dar Zakarian, his former coach, believes he knows why.

    “Belaïli forgot something on the way”

    In an interview with The Team, the French coach blamed the Fennec entourage. For him, it is because of them that he did not have the career that many promised him. “He’s a nice boy. It is rather his entourage, people, pseudo-friends or cousins ​​who do anything. He can’t say no to them”, he revealed, while recalling that “the great players are constant” and that the Oranais, him, “forgot something on the way”.

    The principal targeted by his declarations is Youcef’s father, since he is preceded by a sulphurous reputation in Algeria. An opinion that Johan Cavalli, leader of the ACA, does not share. “Career trajectories are what they are. I had his dad on the phone, someone very thoughtful, ”he assured.

    “Not normal for him to be in Ajaccio”

    Der Zakarian also confessed that Belaili couldn’t stand living away from his family and that’s what made things escalate : ” He was alone. He was feeling blue because his wife didn’t have a visa, he was bored. He had a hard time coping with the situation.

    Today, it is therefore in Corsica that Belaili is trying to revive itself. To the delight of the Ajacciens and their supporters. “If he is with Ajaccio, it is not normal, he knows it very well. He didn’t come backwards but because he met human people, who don’t lie to him. And he wanted to clear his name,” Cavalli concluded.

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