Dirk Nowitzki Gives His Thoughts On The GOAT Conversation

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    Younger fans may not remember this, but the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat don’t get along.

    It all dates back to the 2006 NBA Finals when Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wade went toe-to-toe for the Heat’s first ring, and it only got worst during their rematch in 2011.

    Wade and LeBron James were caught on tape mocking Dirk for having the flu, so the Great Teuton got back at them by pulling off one of the greatest upsets in NBA history.

    But regardless of their personal history, there’s nothing but respect between Dirk and LeBron.

    In fact, when asked about the GOAT debate, the legendary forward had no choice but to tip his hat off to LeBron:

    “It’s tremendous that he can still play like this in Year 20. His athleticism is incredible. So, I’m happy for him, you know.” Nowitzki said. “I always say Michael Jordan is the GOAT, but if [James] really surpasses Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar] in the scoring record, I mean — I’m sort of running out of arguments for Michael. I mean, to see what this guy has done is nothing short of incredible. The longevity and, you know, being called ‘King’ at 15 and how he turned out and what he’s done for the communities where he played and changed so many lives. So, he’s a very, very special athlete, and I think, for now, we need to appreciate watching him at the level he’s playing.”

    Dirk Nowitzki is close to calling LeBron James the greatest ever: “Tremendous that he can still play like this in his Year 20. … I always say that Michael Jordan is the GOAT — if (LeBron) really passes Kareem in the scoring record, I’m running out of arguments for Michael…” pic.twitter.com/X14Ko62Ds3

    — Grant Afseth (@GrantAfseth) December 26, 2022


    The fact that LeBron is still able to do what he does at the highest level is nothing short of legendary.

    And you know that you’re doing something pretty incredible when even your biggest rivals shower you in praise.

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