Don’t become a coach or trainer until you can put basketball into concrete terms

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As a young player, I struggled to drive into the paint. Defenders never seemed to bite on my crossover and whenever I would sweep and drive, I would always lose the ball. Despite watching hours of games, I still couldn't grasp what I was doing wrong. I asked my coach "Why am I so bad at driving? What am I doing wrong" and the reply was, "Oh, you'll figure it out. You just have to keep playing".

Eventually, I did figure it out. I was picking up the ball too late on sweep and drive and my crossovers didn't work because I rarely had a "level change" where I'd either bend my knees to get low or rise up on my feet in a hesitation; I had no rhythm to my crossovers. The sweep and drive mistake was pointed out by an older player I was playing pickup with. At first I was elated at my Eureka moment, then I was annoyed. "Why didn't my coach just tell me to pick the ball up earlier and fix my rhythm on my crossovers? It took me a month to figure this out when tCoach could have told me right then."

Which brings me to my point, do not become coach until you can put the minutia and minor parts of basketball in words. If your response to a player asking you for specific guidance is, "you'll figure it out." or "just play some more games" you have no use as a coach! The player might as well be playing pickup in the park rather than being is a structured program. The whole point of coaching is to shorten the learning curves of players. Also telling players to "figure it out" is condescending and implies that the players are stupid when they struggle with a certain area of the game.

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So please, if you're going to become a coach, you have to explain things in clearer terms than "ya know…" "figure it out" "You'll get it from game exposure" It can make a huge difference.

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