Dylan Carlson, 2020 Fantasy Outlook

I must admit my brain is slightly damaged because I see that Dylan Carlson plays for the Cardinals and I think of Harrison Bader and thank u, next. So, let’s get the elephant out of the room first and talk to our contractors about why they made the doorway big enough for the elephant to begin with, but no nightlight by our bed so we can read. Dylan Carlson isn’t Harrison Bader. No one is Bader, according to his 23 and Me profile; he’s a special snowflake. In 2017, Bader went 20/15/.283 in Triple-A and last year Carlson went 21/8/.281 in Double-A. I told you, huge difference! *long gulp, pulls on collar, sweat trickles* Okay, so maybe there’s so similarities? Bader actually has quote-unquote more speed than Carlson, less power and struggled more with plate discipline than Carlson (at different levels, but you’re the one who wanted this comparison. Okay, okay, OKAY, maybe I wanted the comparison, but here we are now). Results vary obviously, but if you told me Carlson and Bader would result in 100% of the same stats, I wouldn’t be wholly surprised. Carlson does look better, however, so…Anyway, what can we expect from Dylan Carlson for 2020 fantasy baseball?

First, some video:

As you can clearly see, Dylan Carlson has easy power–Wait a minute, the title of that says, “This Is Not Dylan Carlson.” Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle who scratches his butt for a living, that’s not Dylan Carlson! That’s Harrison Bader! Damn it! This is Dylan Carlson (the title gives it away):

Like a scrounchie, don’t get it twisted, Carlson does have more power than Bader. I just pulled an oppo taco video for s’s and g’s. His leg kick provides plenty of power and he’s a switch hitter that can hit from both sides of the plate, so a natural platoon shouldn’t be an issue. Speaking of which, playing time. Who’s got it, who wants it and who can’t get enough? Please check out my Soundcloud for more. Wait, I don’t have a Soundcloud. OZUNA is a free agent, so that’s a wild card; the Cards have a guy who rhymes with Garrison Lader, and Fowler is under contract for a while, but he is Dexter Fowler, so bleh. A lot is unknown about how the Cards see their outfield shituation as of right now. I know how I see it. Carlson, Bader and a free agent with Fowler moved to the bench, but Fowler wasn’t awful last year and is owed a lot, so it might be Carlson, Bader and Fowler as of right now, and any free agent signing hurts Carlson. Then there’s Tyler O’Neill, Jose Martinez, Johnny Depp playing Rango, wait, no, that’s Rangel Ravelo, I mean, jfc, how many outfielders do the Cardinals have? This is the pickle and it might be sour. I’m going to tentatively give Carlson five of six months of stats, but it could change with an offseason acquisition, and everyday playing time seems iffy even if he’s with the major league club. For 2020, I’ll give Carlson projections of 34/13/38/.261/4 in 277 ABs, but there’s a chance here for more and less.

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