Embarrassing confession as a pickup player who has never played organized basketball…

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I have to get this off my chest and I can think of no other public forum so bear with me:

I am not a good basketball player. At 6'4" 195lbs I should be, but I am not. I played soccer, hockey, and lacrosse growing up, so having a ball in my hands is a bit foreign to me despite being a decent athlete overall. Regardless, I have played a lot of pickup basketball over the years because a lot of my friends play and it's a great way to stay in shape. Most of these games take place at either LA Fitness or local parks, and they are always with/against random dudes I've never met before.

Now, one thing about me and sports is that I always hustle and my defense is always my strong point. I'm long, I work hard, and although I cannot shoot or dribble well, I get plenty of steals and blocks. As a result, I also face a lot of picks. Despite my aggressive play and passion, I do consider myself quite principled, meaning I always call fouls on myself and I never call fouls against myself. My thought has always been that in pickup play if a foul is bad enough then my teammates or the offending team will call it and I just don't care enough to slow the game down by calling for fouls. I always give the victim a foul if I commit it though, because I like to keep the games friendly. This part is important.

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I played defense in lacrosse, and in a lot of ways the play-making in lacrosse mirrors basketball. Like basketball, there are defensive slides, offensive picks, similar movement, etc. Lacrosse is a contact sport, and an offensive player setting a pick is treated as terrain, meaning that a defender can drop a shoulder and run right through them if they feel so inclined. Setting a pick is seen as a selfless and sacrificial act in lacrosse because often you get destroyed, cest la vie.

Now, I've watched a fair amount of basketball. I know the rules fairly well (or so I thought), and I've always thought it was weird that basketball defenders avoid picks instead of going through them, since it's a great opportunity to remove an attacker from the play temporarily. Turns out they avoid picks because it's completely illegal and a foul to run through a pick in basketball. I literally just learned this recently, and I'm shook. Nobody told me, all these years. I just assumed it was the same as lacrosse and never looked into the actual rule.

People, I have been making eye contact with players setting picks and then dropping my shoulder and running over them for years. YEARS. We're talking like 100+ picks, just overtly crushed, flagrant foul. And no one has said a peep. Not one foul called, not one "hey man, wtf", nothing. People should have been fighting me over this shit, it's so unsportsmanlike. I mean I'm not just talking wimpy point guards, I've done this to some scary, jail-tatted, hood dudes.

The only thing I can think is that because I'm so quick to call my own fouls the rest of the time and I let myself get hacked otherwise that people just let it slide but, like, come on. I've been being a real asshole out there.

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Anyway, I just had to tell my story because it's not like I can go apologize to all these guys or anything, they're just still walking around out there probably telling stories like "Remember when that lanky dude went rugby on you at the park?"

Thanks for hearing me out.

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