Everyday Meal Plate : Panchmel Dal, Khatta Meetha Mirchi Ki Sabzi, Palak Paratha, Cabbage Rice & Raita

Everyday Meal Plate : Panchmel Dal, Khatta Meetha Mirchi Ki Sabzi, Palak Paratha, Cabbage Rice & Raita

Make a delicious and wholesome meal for your weekday with basic ingredients at your kitchen.Create a meal plate that will give you joy and comfort of eating your mother’s food, here we have put together a scrumptious meal plate. It is packed with good amount of nutrients which will be helpful for your everyday diet.This will help all our food lovers who are seeking the need to eat healthy as well tasty meals everyday. This is very important step because what you eat on a day to day basis matters a lot to help you gain the right nutrition in your body.

What it has : 

  • High protein from the panchmel dal which uses five different dals such as toor dal, urad dal, moong dal , masoor dal and chana dal. 
  •  Iron content from the use of Spinach leaves to make palak paratha. 

The Meal plate consist of : 

1. Panchmel Dal Recipe (Rajasthani Dal)

Panchmel Dal also known as Panchkuti is a traditional Rajasthani dal recipe. It is a staple in almost every household in Rajasthan. The Panchmel Dal is most often served along with Dal Baati, that is another popular dish from the Rajasthani Cuisine.  Panch mean five in hindu and hence the name Panchmel that is delicately blended together using various spices.

panchmel dal

2. Khatti Meethi Mirchi Ki Sabzi Recipe

A simple and easy side dish made with whole green chilli that is tossed with basic Indian Masala like red chilli powder, turmeric powder, Amchoor powder and some pound peanuts for the crunch. The recipe been modified from the usual besan ki sabzi that is been made in northern part of Indian.

If you are looking for more Indian Sabzi here are some :

  1. Aloo Gobi Ki Sabzi Recipe (Spicy Potato and Cauliflower Vegetable)
  2. Aloo Baingan Ki Sabzi Recipe (Ringna Batata Nu Shaak)
  3. Batata nu Shaak Recipe (Aloo Tamatar Ki Sabzi)

KHatta meeti mirchi recipe

3. Palak Paratha Recipe (Spiced Spinach Flatbread)

The Palak Paratha Recipe is one of those recipes that is simple, nutritious and super tasty.The secret ingredient is Saunf (fennel seeds) that adds to the additional flavor and taste and not to miss out the green chillies.

Palak Paratha Recipe

4.Spiced Cabbage Rice Recipe

Spiced Cabbage Rice Recipe is a healthy recipe of mixed rice that is made with sautéed cabbage and flavoured with curry leaves and coriander. Cabbage is one for those few vegetables that give nutty flavour and subtle sweetness to the rice making it delicious. The cabbage rice can also be combined along with soy granules or paneer to give it an extra texture to your tossed rice. 

cabbage rice

5. Tomato Onion Cucumber Raita Recipe

A refreshing raita to make for your lunch meal which is quick as well. The raita goes well with any kind of Indian mains. 

Tomato cucumber raita