Fans React To Another Shaky Russell Wilson Performance


    The Denver Broncos aren’t getting what they paid for with quarterback Russell Wilson.

    He was the guy everyone thought could help elevate the Broncos franchise.

    However, 2022 has been an embarrassing season for the veteran quarterback.

    His game against the Los Angeles Rams saw him having another shaky performance.

    With that performance, fans took to Twitter to voice their concerns about the veteran quarterback.


    Everyone Was Roasting Wilson After Another Bad Game

    Wilson’s day against the Rams saw him getting picked off three times, while the Broncos’ offensive line allowed six sacks.

    The sacks had fans making a funny comparison between Wilson dropping back to Peter Griffin falling down.


    — (@FieldsToAddison) December 25, 2022

    But other fans were wondering how a once elite quarterback has fallen off a cliff with his skills.

    How on earth did Russ Wilson fall off a cliff in QB skills?

    — Suresh (@sgs472000) December 25, 2022

    However, with the game being on Nickelodeon, Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants was doing the announcing.

    Patrick Star really has a future as a play-by-play announcer.

    : #DENvsLAR on @Nickelodeon
    : Stream on NFL+

    — NFL (@NFL) December 25, 2022

    This leads to having a cartoon character roast him.

    Russ getting roasted by Patrick star now..

    — David Siekbert, Jr. (@DJ_FACEPLANT_20) December 25, 2022

    With Patrick saying the interception wasn’t what Wilson wanted to cook, fans saw this as his way to cook Russ.

    Patrick cooking Russ lmao

    — ‘cho (@GLOCKPURDY) December 25, 2022

    But with such a harsh roasting from him, one fan feels it’s time for the veteran quarterback to retire.

    @DangeRussWilson you know you should retire when Patrick star roast you

    — Peyton Archer (@PeytonArcher7) December 25, 2022

    While some feel he should retire, others feel the performance is the death of his career.


    — GuyWhoHatesToast (@HaterOfToast) December 26, 2022

    His performance later led to the team benching him, which wasn’t a surprise.

    While he’s a great quarterback, Wilson isn’t looking like a Super Bowl quarterback this season.

    With two games remaining, this could be the end of his season with the Broncos.

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