Fans React To Jaguars Win On Thursday Night Football

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    The Jacksonville Jaguars are in control of their own destiny thanks to their win during Thursday Night Football.

    While they need to win out, their win against the New York Jets puts them in control of a possible AFC South division title.

    With the win, fans are giving their reactions as the Jaguars close in on an NFL playoff miracle.


    Fans Happy Over Jaguars Win

    It was a great road victory for the Jaguars as they got a 19-3 win over the New York Jets.


    Jags@net_acr | #JAXvsNYJ

    — Jacksonville Jaguars (@Jaguars) December 23, 2022

    While the win helps the Jaguars, it also helps other playoff teams, like the Los Angeles Chargers.

    Their fan base was happy to see the Jets lose to the Jaguars.

    Thanks guys. The Chargers appreciate your efforts!

    — Anthony Lewis (@tonylewis92) December 23, 2022

    However, fans of the Jaguars also made their voices heard as they see their team as a dangerous team.

    This team is really coming together. Trevor looks the part of a franchise guy and we have some great weapons. Don’t know how deep of a run we can have this year, but I think this is a dangerous squad going forward.

    — Rob Jarnagin (@robjarnagin47) December 23, 2022

    But Rob Jarnagin wasn’t the only one on Twitter who sees the Jaguars as a threat to AFC playoffs teams.

    Could have looked a lil flashier on O for the National TV audience lol, but overall a dominate and fairly clean game with the bad weather and not 1 really hurtful penalty. I wouldn’t wanna play us if @Jaguars make the Playoffs. Just sayin……#DUUVAL

    — Ryan Steiger (@SteigGators) December 23, 2022

    While they are looking solid now, fans know they must win out to get into the AFC playoffs as the 4th seed.

    Win out and y’all in!!!!

    — Gohan (@GohanVeezy) December 23, 2022

    With the game being nearly flawless, fans also saw it was only one offensive mistake that led to points for the Jets.

    Great win in tough conditions actually perfect defensively considering the Jets only points came from our own mistake offensively

    — Hannah (@JuventinaHannah) December 23, 2022

    Overall, fans are seeing a team getting hot at the right time for them.

    As they now control their own destiny, it is only them who can stop their playoff hopes.

    With Trevor Lawrence entering his second season in the NFL, he’s looking to make his mark quickly in the NFL.

    If the Jaguars keep up their winning ways, they can be the shock of the NFL for this season.

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