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Hitting Resources

Teaching players proper hitting techniques is another element in fastpitch coaching. Growing up we were all taught to stick our elbow up in the air and swing hard. As you know, I’ve been emphasizing the rotational swing or short swing as I like to call it.

A couple more things, as I say on the hitting instruction page, keep it simple and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Hitting is deeply personal and very mental. If your athlete is smoking the ball, even if you hate her swing, love the result and leave it alone!

A prime example was my older daughter’s high school coach. He felt my daughter’s short swing would result in nothing but ground balls because she was not pounding herself in the after swing. He spoke to her about it initially, but after watching her spray singles to every field along with doubles up the gap, suddenly he was fine with the result … hated the swing, but loved the result.

One thing to remember: if you decide to alter or severely change a player’s swing, you are into it as much as she is. You owe it to the player to get her a little better than she was. Even is not good enough, as there is a lot of mental struggle that goes with that change by the player. So if you see something you like on this site or in the training material below, make sure you are committed to see it through! You owe it to the player. If she fails to execute the new technique, it is because you failed, not her.

Hitting is also about repetition. It is important that your players practice the swing that works for them consistently so that at game time it is natural. There are quite a few hitting drills on Fastpitch Softball Coaching, but you have to keep it fresh, so check out these resources to see if you can find some more to fit into your training program.

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If you have a hitting teaching technique or resource you found useful, share it here!

Properly teaching your players a consistent swing and hitting methodology will pay very big dividends over the course of the season. Do you have other hitting teaching and training tools you would recommend?

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