France team: Qatar, choice… A Ligue 1 club tackles Deschamps

    When announcing his list to compete in the World Cup, Didier Deschamps had made people happy, but also disappointed. Indeed, several players have been forgotten by the coach of the France team. This applies in particular to Martin Terrier and Benjamin Bourigeaud who had what it took to be with the Blues. And on the side of Rennes, it is difficult to digest it…

    Authors of a good first part of the season, surfing on the previous exercise with Reindeer, Martin Terrier and Benjamin Bourigeaud could claim a place in French team for the world Cup. Didier Deschamps finally decided otherwise. The World Cup in Qatar now over, Florian Mauricesports director of the Bretons, has somewhat settled his accounts for The Team.

    France team: The Benzema clan is loose, the controversy explodes

    — 24hfootnews (@24hfootnews) December 28, 2022

    “In my squad, there is a player who scored 21 goals last season”

    ” Will we see Rennais in the France team after Mandanda? Already, you have to come and see them! Maybe we watch them on video, but already, coming to Roazhon Park or when we play outside, I don’t know. I have a very good relationship with the Espoirs coach, although I don’t know him personally. Regularly, he calls me to ask me: “How is he today?” So I’m a little surprised not to receive a phone call about the national team. Because in my squad, there is a player who scored 21 goals last season, who is one of the best French players, and I have never received a call: “Hello Flo, how is Martin (Terrier) , how he is Bourige (Benjamin Bourigeaud)’” I find that a bit surprising, I don’t know if it sucks to say it or not, but that’s okay “, he first let go.

    “Maybe he doesn’t like Martin’s profile…”

    Florian Maurice then continued: Have they been pre-selected? Yes, but after, Kolo Muani for example: very well, he is a very good player, no problem. When I read that he is surfing on last season with Nantes in Frankfurt, and that I have a guy in my squad who scored 21 goals last season and another 8 this year in the Championship, OK. Maybe he doesn’t like Martin’s profile, or maybe there’s something else and there you have to wonder. Deeply. He was top Kolo Muani, he made an exceptional entry. I’m not criticizing the level of the player, he’s a great player. But I had heard: yes, to go to the France team, you have to have experience, to have played in the European Cup! Martin Terrier has played all three (C1, C3, C4), so what is needed? (…) Playing abroad? Here we are, that’s it. We manage to retain Martin Terrier last summer, who is not going to a Premier League club. And there, what message are you sending to French players, in fact? Go away abroad to play in the France team? This is not necessarily the right message. I do not believe “.

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