Graphic Shows How Far The Brooklyn Nets Have Come This Season

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    The Brooklyn Nets were a disaster early in the season.

    Now, they’ve become the best team in the Eastern Conference, riding a 14-1 streak and playing the best offense and defense in the Association.

    It’s evident that coach Jacque Vaughn was a breath of fresh air after two controversy-filled seasons.

    The coach is about hoops and hoops only, and that’s what’s fueled this impressive run:

    “Basketball,” Vaughn said ahead of their clash vs. the Cavs. “We have not steered away from today is today. The most important part of today is we’re trying to win this ballgame. When we step into the gym every single day it’s about basketball. How we’re going to take care of each other on the floor, cover for each other on the floor, it’s about basketball. We stripped our playbook down a little bit, we are simple in what we do … have our guys play extremely free of mind. I think there’s something important in that if you’re going to ask your guys to play hard.”

    The Nets’ turnaround has been so impressive that they were 13th in the East with a 2-6 record on November 1, and they’re now 3rd with a 22-12 record.

    The Nets continue to climb the Eastern Conference standings

    — NBA on ESPN (@ESPNNBA) December 27, 2022

    They’ve been on the wrong side of the headlines more often than not during the Kyrie-KD era, up to the point where it seemed like people were actually rooting against them.

    Now, regardless of how one may feel about them off the court, there’s no denying that watching them at their best is a treat to the eyes of basketball fans.

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