Guys i need your help im playing a 1v1 and i need a strategy. We are playing for money, and respect.

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I am in a baller chat. Im pretty new to basketball. I got trash talked hella hard he called 1v1 bla bla. It isnt important. We playing for 20$ bucks and for respect in the whole community. We are going to play to 21. we play with winnerball. But we play with this rules.

Offensive rebounds exist. If you get a offensive board and the ball didnt change possesion you can continue your attack. Unlimited dribblings/steps allowed. On a defensive board you need to clear. If you steal the ball or the ball airballs (no backboard or rim) you also dont have to clear. There is no 3 seconds rule or back to basket rule so i can basically post up endless if needed.

Our player profiles.

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Me 6'5 190 Pounds. I am pretty light Insane Stamina. Normal Vertical. But overall pretty athlethic. Pretty fast but not insane. But my stamina stands out.

I am a very good lockdown defender. 1v1 Defense is my love. I like 1v1 because i cant get screened away and just have to hustle. I am dieing on the court. I have this dennis rodman mentality. My offense is lacking. I can post up , or drive and layup. I am not a good ball handler or shooter. I see my chances in the post. The only half reliable shoot in my arsenal is a pull up midranger if im not contested.

His Profile

5'11 180 Pounds. (Hes just lowkey fat he isnt muscular luckily.) normal stamina normal vertical not very fast.

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He is a good shooter. But doesnt have insane handles. He doesnt shoot solid while contested. He is a normal defender but i dont know if i can post him up. I can keep up with his running pace. His post game is solid.

Is there a opportunity how i can abuse the offensive boards rules. Because if i just can jack up shoots and just work to the rim and fuck him up its over. So tell me if there is a option to "abuse" this because im way taller.

Tbh its not important for me if i win dirty. I just wanna win. I think i have the assets.

How should i play guys?

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