Habs Unfiltered Podcast ep. 52 | Western Trip, World Juniors, Predictions

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ROCKET SPORTS MEDIA | Halifax, NS. — Welcome to Habs Unfiltered via Rocket Sports Radio. This podcast featured on All Habs Hockey Magazine discusses topics that are important to Habs fans.

Habs Unfiltered on Rocket Sports Radio

Habs Unfiltered is hosted by Blain Potvin, Matt Smith and Trege Wilson, sarcastic, goofy, sports-savvy characters. All three are active service members of the Canadian Armed Forces and staff writers for All Habs Hockey Magazine.

Our motto is, “If you’re talking about it, so are we.”

On Air

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This Week’s Show

Segment 1: Canadiens Talk

  • In this segment, Matt, Trege and Blain discuss the Western road trip, injuries and returnees.

Segment 2: World Juniors

  • The guys discuss the kick off of the World Juniors and the Habs prospects playing in the Czech Republic.

Segment 3: Last Take

  • The show is wrapped with some final thoughts.

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