How to boost your fitness for hockey

The hockey season is just about finished here in the UK and it’s time to rest and recuperate – then start on a drive to boost your fitness for next season.

So what sort of drills and training can you do this summer and beyond to improve strength and fitness.

Start by looking to the USA women’s hockey team as a model for what taking your fitness to another level can do for your game on the pitch.

This video is well worth a watch. Check out how much weight they are lifting and the dynamic strength training, including power squats that lift off the ground while the weights bar is across the back of their shoulders.

The video reveals (1:50) that they have four or five sessions on the field a week, three running sessions and three sessions in the gym. Tough!

[embedded content]

There’s lots of gym exercises you can copy from the England men’s fitness video including 1:08 in hip thrust with the bar weight across your hips.

[embedded content]

Lauren Penny for the Hockey Performance Academy is always great on hockey-specific training. She has lots of good moves in her video. She says you need to be strong and have put in the work on strength training before you build in work on your explosive power.

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If you haven’t access to a gym you can always opt for a bodyweight workout. This one is aimed at ice hockey players but it will transfer to field hockey.

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Lots of killer workouts in this lot. Enjoy and get fit…

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