IMPACT! Exclusives: Dashwood Basks in Her Success

IMPACT! Exclusives: Dashwood Basks in Her Success

Don’t miss these exclusive scenes featuring the fallout from the latest IMPACT!

Last week, Tenille Dashwood debuted her new talk show, All About Me. For the monumental first episode, she invited a guest that would send shockwaves throughout the entire entertainment world – herself. Witness the aftermath as Tenille and Kaleb With a K bask in the success of All About Me’s debut edition!

Recently, Rohit Raju reconciled his relationship with Shera by helping him defeat Hernandez in a Chairly Legal match at Hardcore Justice. Just moments after losing to Brian Myers on IMPACT!, Jake Something is confronted by the duo, leading to a 2-on-1 attack!

Before he battles Ace Austin and Josh Alexander with the X-Division Title on the line, TJP has a few words for his Rebellion opponents. Despite Ace Austin being the X-Division Champion, TJP considers himself the best in the division!

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