Inner Circle TV: Former Player offers insight on Rutgers Head Coach

Inner Circle

This week on the Inner Circle, Kelsey and Claudia take a closer look at the controversy surrounding Kristen Butler

0:00 – 3:00 Former Toledo player not surprised by recent allegations
3:00 – 4:25 Why treat your players poorly?
4:25 – 5:20 Are programs doing enough research in hiring?
5:20 – 6:30 Similair stories likely to surface at other programs
6:30 – 7:55 Where’s the line?
7:55 – 11:00 What are Athletic Directors looking for in a new hire?
11:00 -13:40 The other side of the story
13:40 -16:25 NPF announces the addition of a new team
16:25 – 17:57 Tips for the incoming class

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