Jayson Tatum Comments On Being Compared To Jordan & Pippen

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    The past five years or so have been a wild ride for the Boston Celtics.

    Danny Ainge put together a promising team full of great prospects, but great franchises aren’t often known for their patience.

    For years, fans and analysts urged the Celtics to just pull the plug and trade Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum and build around the other.

    Then, they finally made it to the NBA Finals, and all the chatter came to a sudden end.

    Fast-forward to today, and some are already talking about them as one of the league’s greatest all-time duos.

    That’s why Tatum didn’t waste the chance to remind the media of how they wanted the team to break their duo up, with some of them insisting even after last season’s success:

    “You know, it’s crazy,” Tatum started. “This time last year, y’all wanted to trade one of us; now you’re saying ‘Mike and Scottie.’ So, we’re not as bad as you said, but we’re not as good as Michael and Scottie… yet. You know, we’re just two young guys that love to compete and try to help our team win every night and just try to get better.”

    Jayson Tatum on being compared to MJ & Pippen:

    “Last year y’all wanted to trade one of us, now you’re saying Mike and Scottie. We’re not as bad as you said but we’re not as good as Mike and Scottie… yet” #BleedGreen #Celtics #CelticsNation #BostonCeltics pic.twitter.com/knLvALmOTV

    — WeHitThose (@WeHitThose__9) December 28, 2022

    That’s just an example of how quickly narratives can change in the NBA.

    Players can either be the second coming of Michael Jordan, or one of the biggest busts in decades, depending on who you talk to and after which game you have that talk.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the Celtics seem to know what they’re doing here.

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