Laura Woods brutally takes down sexist troll after disgusting comment on Instagram

    talkSPORT presenter Laura Woods brutally takes down a sexist troll after a disgusting comment was made towards her on Instagram this week.

    Woods is a well-respected journalist and has achieved much success. Woods was part of ITV’s team that traveled to Qatar to present the World Cup and earned a lot of praise.

    Unfortunately however, she has had to deal with some idiots online just for being a woman talking on all things football, as we’re about to see below.

    However Laura is top class at how she deals with them, hitting back superbly and it isn’t she first time she has had to do this…

    Instagram user @mick.oconnor.92775838 replied to an Instagram post saying: “Get back to the kitchen.”

    Woods responded: “Ohhh Mick. Nothing screams “I have a small penis” more than this old phrase. X.”

    — Laura Woods (@laura_woodsy) December 22, 2022

    Laura Woods is no stranger to trolls on social media, having had the perfect response to someone’s comments to her about then-Wycombe Wanderers striker Adebayo Akinfenwa earlier in 2022.

    While also being bizarrely accused of doing drugs during her live on talkSPORT to which she took to social media to call those who were accusing her ‘donuts’ – one follower bizarrely asked her if she was in a physical relationship with Akinfenwa.

    Laura Woods is a savage

    — Footy365 (@Footyy365) December 21, 2022

    She’s very good a shutting people down, and one moment that saw her go viral when an Arsenal fan jumped to the defence of her team when there was a discussion about the Gunners celebrating ‘like they’d won the Premier League‘ after beating Aston Villa.

    Mikel Arteta’s side were criticised by Gabriel Agbonlahor, and Woods was on point in arguing against the criticism.

    “If you’re not allowed to celebrate your wins, however big or small they are, what’s the point of going to football?” the presenter said.

    “If you’re not allowed to celebrate a goal in a game you might lose just in case you lose it, if you’re not allowed to celebrate a win in a season you’re going for top four, should we just wait until the end of the 38 game season and celebrate where we are in the league? It doesn’t really work like that.”

    Laura then played a clip of Agbonlahor talking just a couple of months prior to the Arsenal victory.

    In it the Gabby claimed that the scenes at the end of Villa’s first win under Steven Gerrard was exactly what fans wanted to see.

    “That’s what fans want to see isn’t it Gabby? People celebrating anything in the league. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just won the league or you’ve just won a single game. Fans want to see celebrations,” she said whilst smiling to herself on air.

    “Well done Gabby Agbonlahor for undoing your own argument before you’d even made it!”

    Laura Woods has just absolutely ruined you Gabby Agbonlahor on #Talksport
    We are ‘The

    — Arsenal History From Highbury To The Emirates (@4949Undefeted) March 21, 2022

    More on sexism now and a report emerged in December 2022 with Sarah Aitchison saying she has been watching football for more than 20 years and is recalling the times where she has felt “violated, intimidated and frightened”.

    On time 15 years ago, she worked as a hostess at a club with one man “putting his hand on my behind” and another said “isn’t she lovely, do you want to take her home with you?”

    She has been objectified by a “group of men chanting about what they want to do to your body” or being “belittled” when she tried to stick up for a female steward who they had verbally abused and received no support from her male colleagues.

    There have been the general “sexist comments” as if she doesn’t know anything about football or doesn’t have an equal place at games.

    In August, Everton issued a “lengthy stadium ban” to a fan for sexually assaulting a female supporter during a match a Goodison Park, rare a club takes action for this type of incident.

    Roopa Vyas, on the board for female fans group Her Game Too – set up last year to tackle sexism in sport – says the Toffees set a “good example” and are one of 62 professional clubs who are partnered with the organisation.

    “A lot of clubs will look into things but then may not respond or take the action that people expect, like banning a fan,” she tells BBC Sport. “I think it’s moving in the right direction, Everton’s approach was great but I want to see that consistently.”

    How common is sexist behaviour in football?

    Reports of sexist behaviour over last year sent to Her Game Too
    Premier League – 16
    Championship – 15
    League One – 28
    League Two – 9
    Non-league – 12

    You can read more on this report by clicking HERE. Football is for everyone.

    Here’s how fans reacted as Laura Woods brutally takes down a sexist troll after a disgusting comment made on Instagram…

    @zaapN_: It’s so weird when people attack others ( particularly girls ) online it’s like you would never say it to their face just behind a screen and keyboard how does that make you a big man good on you Laura for dishing it back though I would do the same


    @StevenLobel10: Yes Laura

    @greggislocallfc: I love you

    @MattTheMUFCFan: Woodsy wins Twitter today

    @Hoppo101: You get better each day Laura

    @TommyNowell: You are fucking brilliant!

    @MckeemanKyle: Yesssssss Woodsy !!!!!

    @SimonTa86450084: This has brightened my morning, thanks Laura.

    @Iansaward1: Love it Laura strong woman

    @Inthearsenal: Brilliant!!! Keep up the hard work. All the real men amongst appreciate you x

    @villarich1982: Yet another example of why you’re the best in the business Laura

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