Mercato Mercato – OM: Annoyed, Payet lets loose on the surprise departure of Sampaoli

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    When I was little, I promised myself that I would have a job in line with football. Very quickly, I realized that my feet would not be enough to take me where I wanted so journalism became obvious.

    Sparkling last season under the orders of Jorge Sampaoli, Dimitri Payet remembers the Argentinian technician very well. Asked about the coaches he had at OM, the Reunionese assures us that Sampaoli is his “favorite”. However, Payet has not forgotten his departure which surprised more than one.

    If there is indeed a player who has suffered from the departure of Jorge Sampaoliit is Dimitri Payet. The captain of theOM was the handyman of the Argentine technician, the metronome of this team. Since his departure and the arrival ofIgor Tudor, payet, who has become a substitute, no longer has the same role at all. As he approaches his 36th birthday, the Reunionese can still bring as he showed against theAS Monaco just before the World Cup.

    “It’s the highlight of my Marseille adventure”

    Asked by Provence on his coaches atOMDimitri Payet was on fire for Jorge Sampaoli. ” This is the favorite of my Marseille adventure. A coach with a vision of football that is mine, which corresponds to what I like when I’m on the pitch. A trainer with a paternal relationship, and unfailing confidence. I wanted to give it all back to him. We had an incredible season with a second place and a European Cup semi-final (Conference League). It should have ended with at least one final, but unfortunately it didn’t. », recognizes the number 10 of theOM.

    24hfootnews – OM: Payet’s huge update on his future at OM

    — 24hfootnews (@24hfootnews) December 28, 2022

    “I was surprised and disappointed”

    Because despite the beautiful season, Dimitri Payet don’t forget the unexpected departure of Jorge Sampaoli. ” I was surprised and disappointed. But when Marcelo Bielsa left after the first day of the championship, it put everyone in trouble. Where he and the leaders have been smart is to record the separation at the resumption. We had time to change coaches and make a good start to the season. There was intelligence on both sides, but above all a thought for the players and for the club “, launched the captain of the Olympian club.

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