Messi’s 3rd goal, his hug to Mbappé… The referee of the final finally speaks!

    Highly criticized for his performance in the 2022 World Cup final between the France team and Argentina (3-3, 2 tab to 4), the referee of the meeting came out of silence.

    Back in Poland, Szymon Marciniak reacted with calm and serenity to the controversies surrounding this World Cup final won by the Albiceleste last Sunday in Qatar. Several decisions appear contentious in the eyes of French supporters, starting with the validation of the 3rd Argentinian goal. Messi’s achievement could indeed have been disallowed as several substitutes entered the pitch before the PSG star pushed the ball into the back of the net. “First of all, this situation, for it to be sanctioned, would have to affect the game. And what was the impact of the guys getting up and jumping on the pitch? It’s looking for the little beast. There are serious newspapers and those looking for buzz. The French did not mention the photo where you can see that there are seven Frenchmen on the pitch when Mbappé scored”he explained.

    A penalty that would have changed everything

    The referee of this final also returned to the action of the 87th minute which could, according to some French supporters, have been sanctioned with a penalty. Marcus Thuram had finally inherited a yellow card for simulation on decision of Szymon Marciniak. Obviously, the fate of the match almost changed at this moment. The VAR referees first considered that there was a fault and therefore a penalty for the Blues before giving up on requesting a review of the images by the main referee following a more in-depth study from different angles.

    Szymon Marciniak wyjaśnia@theteam. Kiedy Francuzi strzelali gola, na boisku było siedmiu ich rezerwowych. Doszukiwanie się takich rzeczy nie jest zbytnio poważne. @sport_tvppl #mundialove

    — Jakub Klyszejko (@jakubklyszejko) December 22, 2022

    His hug to Mbappé

    At the final whistle, the referee of the meeting tried to comfort Kylian Mbappé, completely devastated by this cruel outcome for the Blues. “He hugged me unexpectedly. He was very sad and disappointed at the loss. I think it was such a human gesture. I also hugged him and tried to comfort him, I said he was an exceptional player who had won the World Cup four years ago.he concluded.

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