NBA: 10 young players in need of a breakout 2019-20 season


Photo by Gary Bassing/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA moves on fast from young prospects who haven’t made their mark. Which young players are in need of a breakout 2019-20 season?

The NBA is not a league filled with patience. Rosters are only 15 deep, with most regular season rotations 10 to 12 players deep. If just a few players are injured the roster crunch is real for those players struggling to make their mark.

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Front offices can look to the future for young players, grasping the upside of their potential even when the present is less-than-exceptional. Head coaches want results and players they can trust, and that often leaves prospects out in the cold. Eventually a team just needs to move on and fill out the roster with reliable players.

In a league that moves on so quickly young players need to establish themselves and deliver on potential. For some players that means showing they have something to offer as rotation pieces. For those taken in the lottery the bar is much higher; fail to deliver on star potential and the money will dry up quickly.

Some players re-define themselves as role players at a much lower price point; others are unable to embrace a new role and are cut or traded away.

For these young players, the 2019-20 season is their shot at proving themselves. With some level of failure at delivering on potential this is their best opportunity to show they can be the player they were drafted to be. From top overall picks to a late first-rounder about to be thrust into a major role, here are 10 young players who need a breakout year.

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