We’ve already ranked the most expensive shoutouts you can buy from NBA players – active and retired – on Cameo a few months ago.

For those that don’t remember or didn’t read the article, Michael Beasley is No. 1, charging $1,000 per video.

No, seriously.

Well, this time, we decided to take a look at the NBA media side of Cameo, looking at journalists and former NBA players and coaches acting now as TV or radio hosts, or analysts on major platforms, to see how much they’re charging for a video shoutout.

Right now, the most expensive Cameo you can order from a member of NBA media comes courtesy of Vince Carter, who’s charging a reasonable $300 for a video shoutout, considering his Hall-of-Fame career.

No. 2 is Lisa Leslie, at $250, legendary WNBA player and current studio analyst for the Orlando Magic, and No. 3, Tracy Murray, who works for ABC-7 Los Angeles, charging $200.

Below, check out the full rankings for the most expensive Cameo shoutouts from members of the NBA media.