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Been playing for about a week. I’m 16 and 6 3. I just played my first actual game today (5 on 5) and did pretty bad. Another thing I should point out is that I’m not having a coach or something. It’s just going to the court and playing with who ever shows up. I guess my right hand handling is ok but I can barely dribble with my left. I missed a lot of rebounds which were really easy, got the ball two times and kinda panicked and passed it on. Many times after missing the rebounds and losing the ball I was open (literally no one covering me) and never got a pass. Most of the people I played with have played the game for quite some time. I’m taller than most and feel like I could improve and get on their level with a lot of practice. My main concern is passing the ball. I’m pretty bad at long range and horrible at catching. How can I approve this? Is it ok to be this bad or am I simply not trying hard enough? It’s just a lot to take in for a first time and I would really appreciate if anyone could give me some advice or tell a similar experience. Thanks!

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