Newb question regarding the rules at the end of a basketball game

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While watching the final Raptors/Warriors game, I was confused as to how the end of the game works in terms of what the players are allowed to do and that the situation is with "no fouls to give". What I mean is the Raptors were up by 2 with 18 seconds left, and no shot clock. I understand that to mean that they could just run the clock (like kneeling in football) by dribbling the ball around until the time runs out. Instead the Raptors player with the ball tried to pass to someone in the offensive zone which missed, and nearly cost them the game if the Warriors had sunk a 3 pointer.

The only answers I have seen are that the Warriors would foul them if they tried to run the clock down, but then would that not just give the Raptors more free throws and more points?

Couldn't all the other Raptors just surround the player with the ball and not allow any Warriors to get near him? Is that just considered bad etiquette or is there a rule preventing them from doing that?

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