White Sox have their arm around Yolmer Sanchez’s shoulder as they walk him out of a diner in New Jersey. Yolmer’s glances are furtive, one quick move and he’s ready to run. The White Sox stop on the sidewalk and point towards an alley down the street, “Now, listen, Yolmer, go down there and pick out some nice furs for yourself.” “Uh, I don’t know, White Sox.” “Go ahead, Yolmer, get yourself some while you and Henry Hill are going through this.” “What? I’m Yolmer Sanchez, your 2nd baseman, why are you treating me like a snitch in Goodfellas?” “Go. Get. Yourself. Some. Furs.” Yolmer runs off, scared. And…scene! Well, hopefully that’s a scene for the White Sox and Yolmer as Nick Madrigal forces his way into the lineup. Really starting to like the White Sox for my random World Series pick in 2020. What kind of odds can I get? Good? Great! Put down $500 smackeroos of fake money for me!  So, what can we expect from Nick Madrigal for 2020 fantasy baseball?

Nick Madrigal stands approximately four-seven and weighs just over a hundred pounds. Just as Jose Altuve starts to fade into the elder statesman role for The Hobbit cosplay, we have a new Frodo. Luckily, this means the Aaron Judge standing next to Altuve memes are going to have a new meme in town. “Please check out my pic of Aaron Judge standing on 2nd base next to Nick Madrigal dressed as Squidward from SpongeBob. Thank you for joining my Ted Talk.” Here’s Madrigal in all his just-a-smidge glory:

Whoa, that GIF makes me a little dizzy watching it, so now I know what’s like to be Nick Senzel. As you can see from that clip that has been known to trigger epilepsy, he’s shorter than the squatting catcher. More exciting, and not pictured here is how he runs. Last year, he had 17 steals in 49 High-A games; 14 SBs in 42 Double-A games and 4 steals in 29 Triple-A games. Yes, he went through three levels last year because he’s advanced, due to playing college ball. He was teammates with the O’s number one pick last year, Adley Rutschman, guys and five ladies, or rather five Beavers since they went to Oregon State. Madrigal’s a 70 grade on speed, which is all we really need to know why I’m excited for him in 2020. Keep your cheap 24-homer middle infidels and give me a last round 40+ steal speed guy. If only that’s all he was. *A deep hearty, all-knowing laugh, which ends in a bad cough* Damn, I gotta stop stockpiling vape in my lungs. Nope, Madrigal is more than a 40-steal guy. In his three stops in the minors last year, he hit .272, .341 and .331 from A+ up. These Altuve comparisons may not be that far off. Hey, if we can compare every Asian player to every other Asian player, why not compare every short guy? I’m a heightist! Altuve, actually, is built like a mini Mac truck and Madrigal is like a small Trea Turner. Call him Tiny Turner. Okay, now sing, What’s SAGNOF Got to Do With It! If the White Sox move on from Yolmer, which they should, and Madrigal fits into the leadoff spot, which he should, and hits .300, which he could, and steals 40 bags, which he might, then…Can I draft him in the 1st three rounds? Tiny wheels keep on rollin’! SAGNOF keep on burnin’! For 2020, I’ll give Nick Madrigal projections of 52/4/22/.293/21 in 324 ABs with a chance for more or less. I could even change his projections in March, depending on what his 2020 playing time looks like then. Right now, he seems like an decent late-round gamble in deep leagues.

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