GAINESVILLE, FL. (11/26/19) – In August, at the request of its members, the FHSAA staff created an Officials Compensation Task Force to review officials game fees, travel fees and administrative fees. This Task Force was made up of five (5) members of the Officials Advisory Committee and five (5) members of the Athletic Director’s Advisory Committee. The Task Force met three (3) times. The goal of the Task Force and the FHSAA was to come up with a new fee structure for officials that was suitable to all parties.

At its final meeting in October, the Task Force recommended an increase based on the average 2019-20 game fees paid among all eight (8) southeastern states (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida). In states where 2020-21 game fees have been approved, the 2020-21 fees were used. The agreed upon increase comes in slightly above the average fees paid and includes travel fees for officials traveling less than 50 miles, one way, from the official’s association address to the host school. Any official traveling 50 miles and beyond, one way, will receive an additional $10 fee. In all cases, the agreed upon fees are the maximum fees, inclusive of game plus travel, that may be paid by any FHSAA member school to any FHSAA registered officials association. This fee structure does not preclude the payment of lower fees, if agreed upon. This increase will take place beginning with the 2020-21 school year. The last fee increase for officials went into effect during the 2014-15 school year.

The FHSAA will also increase 2020-21 State Series compensation for officials similarly. District tournament game fees will include travel. However, due to the unique travel requirements for region tournament and state tournament contests, the current travel rate of $.89 per mile, one way, will continue to be applied.

In addition to official’s compensation, the Task Force discussed the collaborative effort to recruit officials, retention of officials, officials training, administrative fees charged by official’s associations and other pertinent topics. FHSAA staff has agreed to reconvene the Task Force to discuss all additional topics as needed, but at a minimum, officials’ compensation will be reviewed every two (2) years.

Click HERE for 2020-21 Officials Fees

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The Florida High School Athletic Association supervises and regulates interscholastic athletic programs for high school students at member public, private and charter schools. The organization also recognizes and honors academic achievement among student-athletes at almost 800 middle, junior and senior high schools statewide. Headquartered in Gainesville, it is the official governing body for interscholastic athletics in Florida

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