One Man’s Trash: Less is More for Pete Alonso

Peter Alonso was a swell young fella, who bounced from city to city to display his Herculean feats of power. Brooklyn. St. Lucie. Binghamton. Las Vegas. The shows got so wild that even the baseballs starting singing Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby One More Time as they hurled 60 feet 6 inches down the pitching tunnel. 80 grade power with a 6′ 3″ 230 to 245 pound frame, depending on who you ask just added to the legend. Once he made it to The Show, though, Peter decided to simplify things and changed his name to Pete Alonso, which takes it from two syllables to one. You know what else has two syllables? Home run. So, Peter Alonso has gone from a swell young fella to a generous one because now we can save time and oxygen every time he hits a home run, which he is planning to do plenty. Instead of Peter Alonso hits another home run, it is now Pete. Gone. Simple and efficient. I like it. That philosophy also is a microcosm of his general hitting approach: See ball, hit ball. Ok, all jokes aside, Alonso was added in 18.4% of ESPN leagues over the past seven days, bringing his ownership from 29.7 to 48.1%. Trash or treasure?

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