Pet-nat May Be New Wine of the Summer

Pet-nat May Be New Wine of the Summer

Pet-nat wines are coming back into fashion, mainly due to their small batch, handmade nature, and because they’re natural.

Short for pétillant naturel, or “naturally sparkling,” pet-nat wines are making their way into popular restaurants as temperatures warm for the summer.

Made using the natural yeasts on grapes and no added sugars, pet-nat wines tend to be more unpredictable than other wines, with each bottle differing a bit, more like craft beers and ciders.

Pet-nats still only occupy a small part of the wine category, barely registering in sales data. However, more winemakers are now experimenting with this sparkling wine, and it’s now produced all over the world, including in Italy, Spain, New York, Oregon, and California, reports Crain’s Chicago BusinessFull Story

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