Played against a D2 college athlete for the first time and wow

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For those of you that have dreams of playing at the next level, do yourself a favor and try to play pickup with one of these guys. It was my first time playing against a college athlete and to be honest…I was amazed. I haven't played anything other than casual pickup with dudes who aren't really hoopers and I'm not really a hooper myself so..needless to say, I wasn't ready. I was tasked with "guarding" him…but I couldn't stay in front of this guy. If he wanted to blow by me…he would blow by me…nothing I could do. He would consistently shoot AND make NBA-distance 3s. Apparently he is a freshman/sophomore at a D2 college that's ranked in the top 25. I know everything is relative and there are several of you who are very athletic, but as an average guy, this guy was unreal – easily the best player I've ever played against. It really makes me wonder what the difference is between D1 and D2 college players and then the giant step to NBA players. If I guarded someone like Damian Lillard, would he just be a blur when he decided to drive by me? Would I even see him at all? LOL. Good experience though, definitely gave me some perspective. Not sure why I wrote this, other than I wanted to share my experience. Have you guys had an experience like this? I'd love to hear about it.

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