Points Leagues: Wilmer!!!

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Fred Flintstone has just been locked out of his house and he needs to replace Joey Votto before lineups lock for the week in twenty minutes. He’s banging on the door, but his wife doesn’t seem to hear him. She’s likely out shopping with her best friend Betty. Meanwhile, Fred’s dimwitted neighbor Barney hears the hollering. When he asks Fred what all the yelling is about he agrees to set Fred’s lineup for him. After all, as commissioner of the Bedrock Fantasy League (BFL) he can do that easily. “Just tell me who you want to add,” says Barney. Just as Fred is about to respond, Barney’s adopted son Bam Bam begins banging away on something up in his bedroom. At the same time Fred says “Wilmer Flores“. Barney can’t hear sh!t over Bam Bam’s ruckus. “Who? I can’t hear you,” shouts Barney. “Wilmer Flores,” yells Fred. “Who?”, repeats Barney. “WILMER FLORES!”, demands Fred. “You got it,” replies simple minded Barney Rubble who proceeded to log into 1-800-Flowers.com and buy Fred’s wife Wilma flowers. Moments later Bam Bam and Pebbles came out of Bam Bam’s room. Pebbles was crawling funny but had a big smile on her face.

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