Posh Spuds

Posh Spuds

AS A COMFORT FOOD, POTATOES APPEAL TO ALMOST EVERYONE—FROM THE MOST FINICKY TO THE SAVVIEST CUSTOMER, FROM TODDLERS TO SENIORS. Along with versions of mashed or smashed potatoes, there are ways to dress up these humble tubers into glamorous fare.

By Joanna Pruess

What makes spuds soar to new heights? Luxurious ingredients and rich cheeses and cream help create that impression. Customers will also appreciate the different colors and textures of potatoes layered in a galette or paired with mushrooms and herbs in a twist on a classic kugel.

International recipes and condiments offer inspirations, too. In the Croquettas de Patatas Bravas recipe, the flavors of familiar Spanish tapas—chorizo and Manchego—give mashed potatoes character. And because presentation also counts in elegant dining fare, a final drizzle of hot pepper mayonnaise adds another flourish.

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