First and foremost, I have 3 criteria when I purchase something to wear for volleyball. They are:


I use these criteria for things like my volleyball shoes, knee brace and ankle brace.

My review below is mainly based on my experience wearing the R3 Ankle Brace by Protekt Motion in 5 occasions. I wore the brace for about 2 hours during matches in a local volleyball league I played in. I played as an outside hitter each time I wore it.


I want and I need an ankle brace that is to put on. A brace that will NOT take so much time for me to wear it especially I am in a rush. The R3 Ankle Brace successfully meets this important need of mine. As a matter of fact, the video below will prove my claim that is very easy and very convenient to put on.

The R3 also promises other important features for us volleyball players. Features such as:

Anatomically and biomechanically designed
Low profile, ultra lightweight, super comfortable
Provides superior fit, feel and function in all shoes
Allows full range of motion

Three flex options
Left & right ankle styles

The ones in bold are the ones that really worked for me very well each time I wore it. It feels very light, very comfortable and the fit feels perfect with my volleyball shoes – Mizuno Wave Momentum in particular.

Wearing it doesn’t limit my movements on the court so this is another reason why I really like the R3.


The design does not make it look cheap at all so that’s big plus. The design also allows some breathing room for my ankle and it doesn’t feel like my ankle is totally wrapped which can limit my movements and ankle motions on the court.

I also like the fact that I don’t feel weird when my foot starts to sweat. After wearing it 5 times, there’s no smell so that’s good.

The only minor suggestion I have is that maybe Protekt Motion will have the R3 in different colors. Nowadays, there’s a lot of volleyball players like me who want to wear other than black. I am the type of player who likes to mix and match what I wear or sometimes try to be fashionably different on the court. Again, this is just my preference.


The R3 currently sells for US$89.95.

To some it can be pricey and to some it’s something affordable. Personally, if the product meets the features that I need and also the design meets my preferences, then the price is NOT a deal breaker to me at all.

If wearing the R3 helps in preventing any ankle injury when I play, then I will buy it. I’ve seen so many injures within the last 24 years since I started playing and we know any ankle injury can take some time to fully recover.

All I can say is BUY IT because you NEED IT and it HELPS you PREVENT any injury that can either end your volleyball career and not be able to play for so long.

FINAL VERDICT: Since it is recently launched, I think the R3 is the most advanced ankle brace for volleyball players and it is one of the BEST braces in the volleyball market.

Click HERE to know more about the R3 Ankle Brace and to purchase.

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